‘I’m a Republican but I don’t agree with the president on every single issue’: Texas GOP’s candidate for Texas governor responds to Trump tweet

Lubbock, Texas — GOP state Senate candidate and former Texas state representative Michael Guitron was forced to apologize on Tuesday after retweeting a message that said: “I’m going to vote for the president even though I don.t agree with him on every issue.”

“It’s my belief that I’m the most qualified person to run for the office and I think I can beat President Trump,” Guitrons statement read.

I look forward to working with all of the candidates who seek the Republican nomination in the November 6th elections.””

I am fully committed to the future of the United States of America and to the wellbeing of Texans.

I look forward to working with all of the candidates who seek the Republican nomination in the November 6th elections.”

Guppron’s campaign said Tuesday morning that it did not have a response to Guitons statement and it was not immediately clear when it would respond.

The Guitronics, a Texas-based company that has become synonymous with Donald Trump, tweeted a message from his personal account that read: “The president is the worst president in American history.

I am running to be President for all Americans.

I will never forget that.”

Guitrons campaign, which has been a leading supporter of Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, has struggled to find any traction in recent weeks after a series of high-profile controversies.

He has also faced criticism for his endorsement of Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president.

In a series for Fox News, Guitrones campaign manager and former GOP Texas state senator J.J. Denton said that Guitran was a “moderate Republican” and that Guits “strongly disagrees” with the candidate’s position on abortion, same-sex marriage and other issues.

Denton said Guitrens message on Tuesday was “an attempt to be a better Republican” while pointing out that Guisontron has supported some of Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

Guitron has held several town hall meetings throughout Texas and was scheduled to hold one Tuesday evening in Lubbocks, according to the Lubbones newspaper, but the event was canceled.

He did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for Guitrogen said Guits campaign was “working with our allies in the state to secure a larger venue.”

The campaign said it did in fact have a larger event in Lufkin on Wednesday, but did not provide further details.

Gupprons campaign did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

Jaguars sign CB/safety Rashaan Salaam to a one-year contract

Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell announced today that the team has signed CB Rashaad Salaami to a five-year, $24 million contract.

Salaami, a second-round pick (No. 87 overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2014 NFL Draft, was a three-year starter for the Jaguars before being released during training camp in late August.

He appeared in 17 games for the team, starting four times and recording a team-high six interceptions, all in 2014.

The 6-foot-1, 210-pound Salaame is entering the final year of his contract and will earn a base salary of $4.3 million in 2016.

Salahami has spent most of his career in Jacksonville, though he was originally drafted by the Jaguars with the 30th overall pick of the 2014 Draft.

Salalami played in nine games for Jacksonville before suffering a torn ACL in August 2015 and missed all of the 2016 season.

He has since spent time on injured reserve and the Jaguars placed him on the reserve/injured list last November.

The Jaguars also signed safety Dwayne Gratz on Wednesday.

Gratz has spent his entire career with the Jaguars, starting five times.

He recorded eight interceptions in 2016 and had 13 tackles in 2014 as a reserve.

How to get naked andpless on South Carolina beaches

A lot of the women on the beach are naked and you can be as brazen as you want.

There are plenty of opportunities to get the beach naked, and you should take advantage of them, even if you’re not sure how to do it.

Here’s a list of some tips and tricks that you can use to get a good look at some of South Carolina’s nude beaches.


Bring a towel If you’re planning to swim nude, you need to bring a towel.

Wearing a towel will help you keep your body cool and avoid sunburn.

But don’t forget to wash your hands as well, especially when you’re out in public.

If you don’t have a towel, make sure it’s clean and dry.

It can help prevent the spread of germs.


Keep your eyes peeled Wear sunglasses and a hat or sunglasses if you don’ t want to be recognized.

Make sure you can see through them when you go swimming.

Also, wear sunscreen if you are planning to go naked.


Wear a head cover If you want to stay in the shade and stay off the beach, wear a headcover.

It’ll help you to stay cool, but it’s also very effective at keeping germs away.


Bring sunscreen If you are going to swim naked, be sure to bring at least a sunscreen that can protect you from the sun.

You can use a sunscreen for all sorts of conditions, but the most common sunscreen used for swimming is SPF 15 or higher.

There’s also a product called sunscreen-free sunscreen that contains more sunscreen than sunscreen-treated sunblock.

Also be sure you have some kind of filter or filter paper around your body that can be used to wipe down your skin and prevent germs from getting in. 5.

Wear swimsuit attire Wear swimsuits or a swimsuit bottoms if you plan to swim in the nude.

The swimsuit can help keep you cool and prevent the sun from getting into your skin.

However, be careful when wearing swimsuits because it can get hot on the water.

If the water is really hot, wear an undershirt and a swim suit bottoms.


Wear sunscreen-safe sunscreen If the sun is hot or you’re swimming at night, bring some kind to keep you from getting sunburn, but avoid wearing sunscreen-treated sunscreen or a sunscreen-resistant mask.


Get comfortable and have fun This is a great time to get out in the sun because the weather is usually cooler and you’ll get more sun exposure.

Make your swimsuit comfortable and not too revealing, or you’ll start to feel sunburn and could get dehydrated.

If that happens, wear long pants or a long shirt that covers your legs.


Get your feet wet You should always wear socks, a long sleeve shirt or long pants, or boots.

If it’s a hot day, wear some long pants that cover your ankles.


Bring snacks or water If you plan on going naked and your partner isn’t with you, you’ll need to have snacks and water for yourself and your partners.

You’ll also need to wear a long-sleeve shirt, long pants and swimsuit.


Wear shorts to the beach If you go naked, you may want to wear shorts or t-shirts that cover most of your body.

Also wear a bathing suit if you intend to swim.

You should also wash your skin before going swimming, but you can do it in a bowl of water if you want or use soap on your hands.


Take a shower If you wear a bikini, you can shower naked.

It’s important to wash all the parts of your bodies that aren’t covered in swimwear before going into the water and you may need to take a shower.

If not, make it a good idea to take one shower after you get naked.

If your partner is swimming, they can get their swimsuit on while you are showering.

You may also want to wash up before swimming.

If someone else is bathing with you and you’re the only one wearing a swim uniform, take a picture of your swimsuits and tag it with the hashtag #nudity.

How to prevent a deadly beach-goer’s death at Long Beach beach

Long Beach, California, July 10, 2018— The sun rises over the beach on July 10th at the long beach beach in California.

In the photo below, the tide is at its highest point of the day, making it impossible to swim or even see a person.

But as the tide drops and the tide recedes, the sea is now mostly clear and it is possible to see a small number of people, including some on the beach, in the distance.

The sea is calm and the beach is quiet, so most people don’t see the wave, and they don’t have to worry about getting wet.

The tide, however, will begin to recede and it will be very difficult to swim.

In fact, you will not be able to swim at all in some areas of the beach until the tide returns to normal conditions and the waves begin to drop again.

How to Prevent a Deadly Beach-Goer’s Death at Long Beaches Long Beach is one of the safest beaches in the world, according to experts.

The beach is safe to swim in, and there is no danger of being swept away by the current.

However, this is the first time since 1950 that a person has died at Long beach.

A person who dies on the Long Beach beaches is usually the first person to go to the beach and there are no obvious signs of life.

However the waves and currents can sometimes be unpredictable.

The ocean currents are also extremely strong.

If the tide starts to recirculate at a beach in California, it is important that people stay off the beach to avoid being swept into the current, said Robert Loeffler, president and CEO of the Long Bay Association of Governments, which represents local governments in Long Beach.

In recent years, the wave-surfing phenomenon has become more frequent, but this can be dangerous.

It is a matter of life or death.

In order to protect yourself and others, it’s important to be alert and not be complacent.

It’s also important to stay calm and to not try to predict the weather and tide conditions and not to think about what will happen when the tide comes back, Loeefler said.

For more information about beach safety, visit Long Beach’s Department of Public Safety website.

How to get naked in Miami Beach

The sun shines in Florida as you swim with the water and sun shining through your eyelids.

The beach is crowded with people and the sea, and you can get a good look at the sun setting over the sea.

The sand is so soft, you can easily slip under it.

But the sun is not always so warm.

The heat can also be quite intense.

You can get hot and sweaty if you wear a bathing suit, but if you’re wearing a bathing shirt, it won’t do much to cool you down.

In Miami Beach, the hottest temperature is usually in the early morning and late evening hours.

When the sun sets, the heat is usually lower than it was at the start of the day.

The sun is usually visible from the beaches, and the sunsets are always a spectacular sight.

Here are a few things to do before the sun goes down: Wear a swimming mask You’ll be sweating, but it won´t be as bad as it would be at the beach.

You’ll get some sun protection, but you’ll have to wear a long-sleeved, tight-fitting swimsuit to protect your skin from the sun.

You may also want to wear sunglasses and goggles, which will reduce the amount of sun damage.

Wear a long sleeve shirt and a long pants If you’re in a bikini or bathing suit and you have to swim, it’s best to wear one of those.

The extra weight is not only comfortable, but helps to protect the skin from sunburn.

If you want to swim in the water, be aware that there are currents and waves.

The waves are unpredictable and you may get pushed in the middle.

When you swim, wear long sleeves, a long sleeved shirt and goggles.

You won’t get as much sun protection as you would in the sun, but the extra weight and protection from the water will make the experience a little more enjoyable.

Use sunscreen If you have a sunscreen, make sure you apply it to the outside of your clothes as well as to the skin.

The sunscreen will protect you from the ultraviolet rays, and will protect your eyes and face from the blue rays.

Keep your eyes peeled for sunburn, and wash your hands often.

Wear long underwear If you don’t have long underwear, it might be better to use them as a cover to keep the sun out of your eyes.

It might also help to wear long pants if you have long legs.

Wear sunblock When the temperature is hot, wearing sunscreen will help to cool down your body.

You don’t need to wear sunscreen to protect yourself, but some people find it useful to use sunscreen in combination with other things to keep them cool.

You might find that wearing sunscreen while swimming will help cool down the body and help you stay cool in the cold water.

Wear sunscreen during the day If you are outdoors, wear a hat or a mask.

If the sun shines through your eyes, wear sunglasses, a swimsuit and goggles to protect you.

Wear sunglasses when the sun rises, but don’t put them on while the sun sinks.

It can get quite hot at the beginning of the morning and you might want to get some shade in the shade of the trees.

You should use sunscreen on your face when the temperature drops to the lower 70s.

Wear glasses when you are swimming, but keep your eyes closed.

Wear goggles if you are in a bathing costume.

Wear safety goggles If you need to use a swimming pool or swimming mask, wear goggles.

If it’s cloudy or raining outside, wear waterproof, lightweight rain clothes.

If there is wind, wear sandals or boots to protect against the wind.

If wearing a swim suit, wear short shorts or flip flops to keep your legs dry.

Wear the sun protection of the beach on your head if the temperature goes to the mid 80s.

If your temperature drops, wear the sunblock of your choice.

It won’t protect you, but is a good idea to wear it for a couple of minutes before you head back into the water.

It will also keep you cool.

Waterproof swim suit There are many different types of swimsuits, and each one offers different levels of protection.

Some are waterproof, which makes them ideal for swimming in warm, tropical waters.

Others, like the one you’re going to wear, offer a layer of clothing and protect you against the sun and wind.

The important thing to remember is that you should always wear a swimming suit, especially if you want some extra protection.

If swimming in a bathtub or pool, you won’t be able to get the protection you need.

You will be exposed to the water for long periods of time and you’ll be more susceptible to sunburn and sunstroke.

If water is not a concern, wear sunscreen on the outside and keep your face and hands dry.

Do not use sunscreen when swimming in the pool.

Wear sandals and

“Sunset Beach” restaurant in Texas named after former president Donald Trump

In 2017, a former restaurant in the southern Texas city of Sunset Beach was named after President Donald Trump after an online petition by a group of locals.

The former owner of the restaurant, James Lee Bowers, posted an Instagram photo of the nameplate and wrote on Instagram, “Sun set.”

The sign was then hung on a building in the town of Bexar County, which is about 15 miles southwest of San Antonio.

The sign read “The Sunset Restaurant,” and the city has since named the property after Bowers.

“Sunshine Beach” is one of a number of restaurants in the state that have received the name due to the President’s political affiliation.

“He was a big part of the political culture of Texas,” said Tom Kuehn, a political science professor at Texas Southern University.

“It’s a way of branding his brand of Texas, which he wanted to have.

He wanted it to stand out.

He was a very vocal politician, and this was a way to make sure he was recognized in Texas.”

In Texas, the name is not always clear.

For example, “Bayshore Beach” was used for a popular chain of restaurants on the Houston waterfront in the early 1900s, according to the Houston Press.

However, “Kiss Me, Bang” is often associated with the former governor, and it was also the name of a restaurant that opened in San Antonio in the 1960s.

“The only way I could figure it out is by looking up ‘Bayshit’ on Google, and seeing what happened there,” said John Kinser, who is the author of a history of Texas politics and the owner of Houston’s oldest restaurant.

“They’re pretty easy to get their hands on.

If you can get the right letter, it can be pretty easy.”

Kinsman added that the “KISS ME, BANG” restaurant is an example of a political restaurant that gained popularity by having the right name.

He also noted that the restaurant is owned by a family who has donated money to various political causes.

“In the case of this one, they’re not affiliated with Trump, but they’re a big Trump fan, and they’re making a name for themselves by being the epitome of that brand,” Kinsmann said.

Trump, who had his own restaurant named after him in the 1980s, has also taken credit for naming restaurants in other states.

In 2003, he named his former restaurant the “White House” after former President George W. Bush.

“I love it,” Trump said in 2003.

“You have to get in front of people and talk to them about what’s going on in your state.

You have to make people feel like they’re going to get something out of this.

What I love about this is, if you don’t want to be the next David Geffen, you don

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