Why Samsung’s Gear VR headset is the best headset for VR gaming

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Gear VR was how impressive the device looked.

The headset was also one of the first consumer headsets to be made entirely from scratch.

While that didn’t happen on most other consumer VR headsets, it’s a great way to show off what you’ve made and get people excited about the product.

In fact, Samsung’s VR team has been making some impressive things since then, and we’ll be digging deeper into what makes it special over the coming weeks.

The Gear VR’s biggest selling point, however, is the Gear headset itself.

If you haven’t already heard, the Gear is a $299 headset that uses the same Gear VR technology as the Oculus Rift.

The idea behind the headset is to take your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and bring it into a VR headset, using the Oculus SDK to do it.

It’s a neat idea, but it’s not exactly a new one.

For years, Oculus has been using an older version of the SDK called OpenVR, which is now used in the Oculus Touch controllers and the HTC Vive.

You can still use OpenVR in the Gear, though, and it’s available as an add-on to the Gear for $10.

This version of OpenVR was originally created by Samsung, but was taken over by Facebook and is now the official SDK of Oculus.

In short, OpenVR is a newer version of a long-established SDK that makes it easier for developers to build games for Oculus and other VR headsets.

This means you can now use Openvr in the headset itself, instead of the OpenVR SDK.

OpenVR has a pretty big advantage over OpenVR 1.0, which was created by Google in the late ’90s.

It has a much simpler API and can be used by a much wider range of apps and games.

It was the SDK that was used to build the Rift and Vive headsets, which made the Oculus VR team so happy when Oculus announced a partnership with Google in January 2018.

Google used OpenVR to create the Oculus Home app that lets you control your home theater and other home entertainment devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Open VR 2.0 is a lot better.

The version released this month was a much faster version of 1.1.

It also has a lot of improvements over Open VR 1.x, which still had to be ported over to the Samsung Gear VR.

Google’s OpenVR 2.x was originally released as a free update for Gear VR owners, but Samsung’s SDK is a subscription only product.

This was an important difference, because it meant that Gear VR users would be able to use the latest version of both OpenVR and OpenVR.

While Samsung was happy to support OpenVR for years, it took a lot more than that to make Gear VR a household name.

Samsung GearVR owners are not the only ones excited about this.

Oculus announced that it was giving away free copies of its new VR headset to Gear VR members, which has been a huge boon to Gear users.

The company even gave away a special “Turtle” version of Gear VR for a week, with a $100 price tag.

I’ve been a Gear VR owner for years now, and I’ve only gotten to try the latest Gear VR version on a few occasions, but I’m always impressed by how quickly it has improved over the years.

It might be that Gear owners are just more open to the idea of virtual reality, but there’s a reason that Google and Oculus both made Gear VR so popular.

Google has always had a strong interest in the mobile industry, and Gear VR has always been an important part of its mobile push.

Oculus also has more of a history in mobile than Google.

In 2013, Oculus launched its first virtual reality headset called Gear VR, which sold well enough that it became the first virtual-reality headset to sell more than a million units.

That year, Oculus was also working on an Oculus Touch headset that would compete with Google’s Cardboard.

That same year, Google announced a GearVR app called VR Stories, which allows you to record a virtual-space video of your favorite VR movie.

Since then, Gear VR hasn’t been seen as a major competitor to Oculus, but that’s changing now.

Oculus has just announced that its virtual reality app is now available on the Oculus Store, which means that GearVR users will be able have access to Oculus games and apps.

There are also a few other Gear VR features that will make their way to Oculus Touch soon, like motion tracking, which lets you play virtual reality games in virtual reality.

Oculus will also be giving away an additional $10 in Gear VR vouchers in October.

It sounds like it’ll be a pretty cool deal, and many Gear VR fans will be glad to see the SDK’s first real competitor.

The new Gear VR also brings a bunch of cool new features. It

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