‘I’m a beach umbrella’ – Beach umbrella owner, 65, gives up job as waitress to make ends meet

A 50-year-old South Beach dietitian has given up her job as a waitress in order to raise her two daughters on her own and pay for her children’s college education.

Noori, who works in a cafe at the corner of Beach Boulevard and La Fonda Street, said she started saving for college three years ago and began paying off debts after she lost her job in the summer of 2018.

She said she spent up to $2,000 on her two children’s tuition at California State University-Long Beach.

But she said she has been unable to cover her bills because she can’t find the time to pay the bills.

Neena, who is now 65, has worked in a restaurant for 25 years and said she was also unable to pay her bills.

“I used to be a waitress, but now I work part-time, I have no money.

It’s really hard,” she said.

Nona said she is not alone.

“A lot of women like me who are working hard have trouble making ends meet, especially when their kids are young,” she added.

Noona said she and her husband, Mohammad, who also works as a dietitians assistant, have lived in the area for nearly a decade and have a family that has lived in this area for decades.

“We’re looking for a better life and we want to make the best of it, too,” she told The Times.

She and her family are currently working towards a house for their children, but said they have struggled to make it happen.

“They don’t have any money, and they can’t afford it,” she explained.

Nuna said she did not want her children to be affected by the flooding.

“My children are all grown up.

We need to work,” she continued.”

It’s been really hard, but we’re still alive, and we can do it,” Nuna added.

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