Teenager killed after falling from Delray Beach hotel balcony

A teenage girl was killed after a fall from the balcony of a hotel in Delray beach on Saturday, authorities said.

The girl was found unconscious in the pool at the Marriott Delray on the 100 block of Delray Boulevard just after 3 p.m.

She was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

A witness said he saw a man fall from a window at the hotel, where the teen was staying, before police arrived.

“I heard a loud boom and saw the man on the floor.

He was trying to get to his hands and knees,” said George Pinto, who lives nearby.

“The woman was trying desperately to get her kids out.”

The girl, a high school senior, was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, authorities and witnesses said.

No arrests had been made as of Monday afternoon.

How the Feds are getting rid of Florida’s beaches

The federal government is getting rid and restoring about 4,000 miles of Florida beaches and the state is moving forward with plans to begin the process, which could cost as much as $5 billion, according to federal officials.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday that the agency had designated about 400 of Florida�s 2,500 designated national beaches as a national monument in the state, and will begin to remove about 3,200 of them.

The federal government has declared all Florida� s beaches to be protected, but the process is far from finished.

The process of restoration is slow, and some beaches will remain closed for months, even years, until the federal government completes the work.

The federal and state governments are still working to determine how many beaches will be removed.

But federal officials have identified some of the beaches that need the most restoration work.

Florida�t been as aggressive about restoring its beaches as the rest of the nation, said Jim Sullenberger, assistant secretary for the Interior and Interior Trade, in a press conference Tuesday.

The state is working with a team of contractors to get the rest and we are starting to move into the process.

I think we are on the verge of being able to restore the entire state.

The new protections are expected to cost more than $5.5 billion.

They�ll cost a lot of money.

We are going to have to do it.

We�ll have to spend a lot more than that to do that, said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Sullenberg also said the state was going to be moving ahead with plans for a $3.8 billion dredging project to create a beachfront that would bring the bay to about 1,500 feet, and allow visitors to swim and enjoy the waters.

The work is expected to take four to five years.

Satellite imagery shows the dredging of the bay will be a huge undertaking.

The U.S. Geological Survey has estimated that the work could cost $1 billion.

The dredging will also take more than a year, with federal officials expected to work on the site, which will be built in the bay.

It will take months for the project to be finished.

The first dredging site in the Florida bay, known as the Atlantic Coast Restoration Project, is scheduled to open in late July.

The area is known as a popular fishing spot.

Salazar said the government is planning to build another dredging operation that is set to open later this year and is expected cost about $3 billion.

Bizarre sandcastle that looks like a baby’s face

By Jeff Leacock The beach is filled with the makings of a beach party, but a beach sandcastle made of a baby is out there waiting for you.

The bizarre contraption is a sandcastle built on the sand, made of sandbags, with the goal of holding a baby at its waist, The Associated Press reports.

The baby has been floating for days in the ocean, and the sandbags have become an important part of the process, creating a floating baby.

Sand is a crucial ingredient for creating a sand castle, because it’s not easily broken down.

Sandbags need to be filled with water before they are sanded, and that water needs to be constantly brought in.

Sand is also incredibly expensive, and when it rains, it can be incredibly expensive to fill the sand castle.

But this baby has not been lost.

It was spotted last week, and now, according to the Associated Press, the sandcastle is being auctioned on eBay.

A buyer is being solicited to bid on the baby, which was built in 2006.

The seller is asking for $300,000 for the baby.

The baby is floating in the sea in an underwater cage.

The sandbags are filled with ice and water, and it’s up to the buyer to figure out how to bring it back out.

The buyer is hoping to find the money to get the baby out of the sea.

The seller says that the sandbag has been used as a floating platform for hundreds of years, and is one of the oldest sand castles in the world.

The mother has a different view on the origin of the sand bag.

“We didn’t build it for a baby,” she told the AP.

“It was created to protect the beach.

It’s supposed to be an attraction, but we didn’t make it for the beach.”

The seller said that it’s still too early to tell what the sale will be worth, but she does hope to sell the baby somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000.

Why Samsung’s Gear VR headset is the best headset for VR gaming

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Gear VR was how impressive the device looked.

The headset was also one of the first consumer headsets to be made entirely from scratch.

While that didn’t happen on most other consumer VR headsets, it’s a great way to show off what you’ve made and get people excited about the product.

In fact, Samsung’s VR team has been making some impressive things since then, and we’ll be digging deeper into what makes it special over the coming weeks.

The Gear VR’s biggest selling point, however, is the Gear headset itself.

If you haven’t already heard, the Gear is a $299 headset that uses the same Gear VR technology as the Oculus Rift.

The idea behind the headset is to take your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and bring it into a VR headset, using the Oculus SDK to do it.

It’s a neat idea, but it’s not exactly a new one.

For years, Oculus has been using an older version of the SDK called OpenVR, which is now used in the Oculus Touch controllers and the HTC Vive.

You can still use OpenVR in the Gear, though, and it’s available as an add-on to the Gear for $10.

This version of OpenVR was originally created by Samsung, but was taken over by Facebook and is now the official SDK of Oculus.

In short, OpenVR is a newer version of a long-established SDK that makes it easier for developers to build games for Oculus and other VR headsets.

This means you can now use Openvr in the headset itself, instead of the OpenVR SDK.

OpenVR has a pretty big advantage over OpenVR 1.0, which was created by Google in the late ’90s.

It has a much simpler API and can be used by a much wider range of apps and games.

It was the SDK that was used to build the Rift and Vive headsets, which made the Oculus VR team so happy when Oculus announced a partnership with Google in January 2018.

Google used OpenVR to create the Oculus Home app that lets you control your home theater and other home entertainment devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Open VR 2.0 is a lot better.

The version released this month was a much faster version of 1.1.

It also has a lot of improvements over Open VR 1.x, which still had to be ported over to the Samsung Gear VR.

Google’s OpenVR 2.x was originally released as a free update for Gear VR owners, but Samsung’s SDK is a subscription only product.

This was an important difference, because it meant that Gear VR users would be able to use the latest version of both OpenVR and OpenVR.

While Samsung was happy to support OpenVR for years, it took a lot more than that to make Gear VR a household name.

Samsung GearVR owners are not the only ones excited about this.

Oculus announced that it was giving away free copies of its new VR headset to Gear VR members, which has been a huge boon to Gear users.

The company even gave away a special “Turtle” version of Gear VR for a week, with a $100 price tag.

I’ve been a Gear VR owner for years now, and I’ve only gotten to try the latest Gear VR version on a few occasions, but I’m always impressed by how quickly it has improved over the years.

It might be that Gear owners are just more open to the idea of virtual reality, but there’s a reason that Google and Oculus both made Gear VR so popular.

Google has always had a strong interest in the mobile industry, and Gear VR has always been an important part of its mobile push.

Oculus also has more of a history in mobile than Google.

In 2013, Oculus launched its first virtual reality headset called Gear VR, which sold well enough that it became the first virtual-reality headset to sell more than a million units.

That year, Oculus was also working on an Oculus Touch headset that would compete with Google’s Cardboard.

That same year, Google announced a GearVR app called VR Stories, which allows you to record a virtual-space video of your favorite VR movie.

Since then, Gear VR hasn’t been seen as a major competitor to Oculus, but that’s changing now.

Oculus has just announced that its virtual reality app is now available on the Oculus Store, which means that GearVR users will be able have access to Oculus games and apps.

There are also a few other Gear VR features that will make their way to Oculus Touch soon, like motion tracking, which lets you play virtual reality games in virtual reality.

Oculus will also be giving away an additional $10 in Gear VR vouchers in October.

It sounds like it’ll be a pretty cool deal, and many Gear VR fans will be glad to see the SDK’s first real competitor.

The new Gear VR also brings a bunch of cool new features. It

How to save your life at the beach

By Emma Clements, The Globe and Mail, September 12, 2018 12:16:18When you’re looking for the best spot for a vacation, the best place to go for a good swim is the water, but not necessarily the best time to be in it.

So what’s the best beach for swimming?

As the tide turns in the summer months, the beach is often the most popular destination for a swim, but you’ll need to plan your trip around your time of year and your body.

Here are some tips to make sure you have a safe and fun time at the water.

What’s best?

At the beach, the ocean’s waves can be huge and unpredictable, so don’t expect to get swept away.

But you’ll have the best chance of a great swim at the beginning of the season, when the water’s calmest and waves are lowest.

If you’re feeling particularly lucky, a visit to the beach during the early months of the year is also a good time.

But as the season winds down, many beaches are starting to get crowded, so stay home in August and September.

If the sun is shining and you’re in a good mood, you can even take a dip at the ocean.

But remember, the sunburn from a hot sunburn can be dangerous, and wearing sunscreen is always recommended.

What do you need to know?

In the summer, a large beach is ideal for swimming, as it’s usually calm and has the freshest water available.

However, in the fall and winter, it’s best to take a leisurely stroll along the beach to enjoy the view.

For the best swimming experience, choose the best location for a pool.

If your pool is nearby, the shallowest pool will provide you with the best opportunities to catch some rays.

If it’s a large pool, you’ll want to make your own choice of which one to choose and plan your trips accordingly.

You can also consider whether to spend time on the beach or to a nearby beach.

A short walk is ideal, but if you’re coming to a city or a resort, consider whether the beach has enough facilities.

It’s best not to travel too far from your hotel or hostel, as they may not be as friendly to swimers.

A nearby park or a park with a designated water feature can be ideal.

Some pools are particularly popular during the summer as the beach becomes quieter, so a pool is often better than nothing.

If a pool isn’t nearby, but a nearby resort or hotel is, the easiest option is to rent a car.

If that’s not possible, or you don’t have access to a car, consider walking a few miles from your home or your hostel.

What to wear: A swimsuit is essential, especially if you plan to go on a long swim.

It can be difficult to see your clothes while swimming, so consider how you’ll feel wearing your swimsuit.

You may want to wear a swimsuit that covers the entire body, as this will give you the most comfortable fit and protect your skin from the sun.

Another consideration is whether you plan on wearing sunscreen.

Some resorts recommend using a filter, such as a cotton shirt or a mesh hood, so that the water stays clear and helps prevent sunburn.

You’ll also want to ensure that you don,t wear loose fitting swimwear.

For your protection, it can be important to wear gloves and a hat.

What NOT to wear?: Don’t wear sunscreen.

If, for any reason, you’re not able to wear sunscreen, or if you get sunburn while swimming (especially if you are alone), avoid the water for a while.

Don’t swim with someone with sunburn, and don’t swim in the shade.

If in doubt, ask a beach visitor.

If all else fails, try to avoid sun altogether.

What can you do: Be aware that beachgoers will be less likely to notice you if you don a swimwear and a face mask, and they will be more likely to take your temperature.

In addition, it is best to wear ear protection if you swim, as sunburn is more common in areas with fewer shade trees and other shade-loving vegetation.

You should also wear protective clothing, including a hat, a headband, a hat liner, a hood, a sunscreen and/or a mask.

If there’s a problem with your swimwear, contact your local police, which may have the local beach authority at your disposal to help you resolve the issue.

Also, consider the fact that some people can be uncomfortable when they swim.

They may feel the need to cover their faces and wear masks, and may even have skin reactions such as itching and irritation.

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