‘A great moment’: Miami beach’s new owner celebrates its 100th birthday

A Miami Beach company is celebrating its 100 years in business by hosting a nude beach party for customers who want to relax, enjoy the sun and get in the pool.

The company, called The Pool House, opened in the early 1970s as a temporary space to host nude beach parties in order to make money.

Now the company has opened a full-fledged resort on the south side of Miami Beach.

“Our customers come from all over the world,” said owner Tonya Fennell, who opened the pool house in 1971.

“They come here and they get to enjoy the beach, the sun, and get some privacy.”

The company also sells swimwear, shoes and accessories.

The company currently has 50 employees, including a couple of bartenders.

“We don’t take a lot of advertising, we don’t have a lot advertising in our advertising, and it’s the only time you can come here,” said Fennells sister, Angela Fennel.

“I think a lot more companies would come here because it’s so peaceful and it doesn’t get crowded.”

The Pool House has since grown to serve as a full resort with a spa, sauna and sauna pool, a swimming pool, indoor swimming pool and a pool house.

Fennells family says there are a few things to remember before coming to The Pool Houses:It is important to be comfortable and relaxed.

It is very important to bring your own bathing suit.

And it is very necessary that you bring the beach clothes and swimwear and swimsuits.

‘Mysterious’ mystery sea creature found in North Myrtle Beach

Posted May 30, 2019 09:36:07The mystery sea creatures that appear to have vanished from the sea have been found by an amateur photographer.

Key points:The sea creatures are still alive and well in North Myrtle BeachThe creatures are known to inhabit the waters of the sea, in what some call the world’s largest sea of sharksThe sightings have puzzled locals and conservationists, with the marine biologist Dr Richard Hinchley describing the creatures as “suspicious”.

A photograph of one of the creatures has been posted online, showing a man swimming alongside a sea turtle, which he believes to be a shark.

Dr Hinchly said he first noticed the creatures were swimming at the North Myrtle Beach National Park on Saturday, May 24.

He said: “I looked at it a little bit and I said, ‘I think I’ve seen something like that somewhere in the waters here in North Meath.’

It wasn’t a big animal, it was like a big white, hairy thing, that looked like a white sea turtle.”

I think it might be a great specimen.

“The sea creature has not been spotted by other people, Dr Hinchy said.

He posted the photograph on Facebook, adding: “It was pretty cool.”

A man who spotted the creature posted on Facebook: “What’s that, a sea lion?”

A photo posted on social media showed the sea creatures being approached by a man in a boat.

The man, who identified himself as a member of the public, wrote on the photo: “They were swimming in a big circle, with all their fins up, with a white hump on the top of their head.”

They had a very long tail, a big round head and a big big white eye.”

He said he was amazed to find that the sea animals were alive and “in good condition”.

Dr Hinchesley said: “”They were really close to the shore, they were swimming with a very strong current in the water, the waves were very strong, so they were moving very fast, like they were doing for the last 30 minutes or so, which is unusual for the water there.

“Dr Hintley said he believed the creatures could be related to a species of fish, but he could not say if it was a shark or a dolphin.

Dr Richard Hintly, a marine biologist from the University of Wales, said:”They’re quite mysterious, but they’re still alive.”

The man who saw the sea creature posted a video to YouTube, saying: “My friend saw a strange sea creature in the North Meathy waters, I was really amazed.”

Dr Richard said he could only describe the creatures to the man as being “very unusual”.

He said the sighting was a “huge surprise” and a “big step forward”.

The sea animal is still alive, Dr Richard said, but is “quite unusual” in terms of its size.

The creatures’ sightings have baffled locals and environmental groups.

Dr John Waddell from the North Myrtle Beach Nature Reserve said: ‘It’s something we haven’t seen in years.'”

It’s a mystery, it’s just a sea creature and we’re all hoping it’s a great creature that’s just living out there.

“The reserve was closed to the public on Saturday after an incident at a fishing beach, with staff evacuated.

A North Meat Beach National Parks spokesman said the animals were still alive in the area.

He told The Irish Sun: “This morning we received a call about a large, white shark with a huge white tail that was swimming in the sand at North Meate Beach National Recreation Area.”

There was no information on the shark’s age or species, however it did swim around in the shallow water for a couple of minutes.”

We have been working with the South Meate Wildlife Area and have been monitoring the situation.

The beach cart that won’t leave you stranded in Florida

It’s been two months since we left the resort town of Naples for our vacation, but the sun still hasn’t set.

We’ve been out there for nearly an hour, walking along the beach, taking photos, and trying to catch our breath as we make our way to the hotel that is our new home.

It’s still warm out, and the sun is already high in the sky.

We get into the van and drive to the beach.

The sand has turned to a deep blue.

Our guide has taken us to the ocean and has given us a brief tour of the area, telling us to stay inside and not to venture out.

Then he takes us into a room, which is a bit more spacious, and gives us a tour of our new house.

The sun is still shining, and we are enjoying our new surroundings.

I’ve never seen a beach cart before, so I don’t know if we will find a beach here, but I am excited to see what the owners have planned for us.

As we arrive, I see two kids walking the beach in front of the van.

They look like teenagers.

The van stops at the beach and the kids walk back inside, while the van is parked on the sand.

The driver of the beach cart turns around and asks the kids what they are doing out here.

The boys answer, “I don’t have anything.

We went to the supermarket, but it was closed.”

I’m so excited to meet this beach cart!

They are in Florida, so they will be there for us for quite a while.

We see a small van parked on a beach, and it has an old van inside.

The older van looks like it could be a new one, but is in good condition.

It looks like they have done a lot of repairs, as they have a small pile of sand in the back.

We then see a family sitting on the beach watching the beach walk by, laughing and talking.

The beach kids are not old enough to be the ones who want to go home, but they are very happy to be here.

We drive off and head to the resort.

The parents are in a room with the van, and they are smiling a lot.

They want to be at the pool with us, and so they ask for directions to the pool.

The family takes a break from the beach to rest in the sand and then we drive off to the resorts beach.

We arrive and sit at the front desk and ask for our room key.

The manager tells us that the beach is open, and that it is very hot out.

We walk inside and the owner asks us to bring a towel and some towels to the front door, and he will bring us a beach chair and a sand blanket.

We wait outside, and I am so happy that this will be my new home for a while!

We sit on the sofa and the driver starts to walk around the room.

We ask him what we can bring to the house, and all of a sudden, he walks over to us.

We start to take off our clothes and he asks us if we want to do something to the sand to keep warm.

We answer yes.

He then starts to play with our feet and hands, which we were enjoying a bit too much.

After about ten minutes of this, he takes a towel off and takes off his sand shoes.

The only thing that he wants to do is to put them in the towel and wipe them down.

We try to resist and we start to play a little bit too hard, but he doesn’t want to stop.

He starts to rub his hand on the carpet of the front of our van, which I think is a little embarrassing, so he stops.

I guess he just wanted to see how hot we would get.

We are really glad that we are here and can finally relax a bit.

After a while, the driver comes back and tells us to get in the van to be transported to the island resort, but before he can get us in, he stops and asks us what we were doing out there.

We tell him that we were playing around in the beach with a friend, and was wondering if we could join them.

He smiles, then asks us where we were going to go, to which we replied, “To the resort.”

We said yes, and headed back to the van for the rest of the day.

We made it to the airport, but had to leave a message with the owner and the staff in the resort before we could go.

We have been living in the car for two months now, and our van is still in good shape.

The owner and staff have also been very kind to us, so we have no reason to complain anymore.

We just hope that the owners and staff are able to repair our van soon.

How to prepare for a Hurricane Florence event: How to protect your home from the storm

This storm will likely be a relatively mild event.

The strongest winds will come from the North Atlantic and the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm will be a low pressure system moving towards the western United States and the Caribbean.

A tropical depression is expected to form over the western U.S. coast.

The hurricane is expected with a wind speed of 100 mph (161 kph) with gusts of 100 to 125 mph (240 to 280 kph).

The storm is expected near the center of the United States from mid-Atlantic to southern Florida.

The best places to swim in California’s top 10 waterfalls

On a crisp summer day in North Myrtle Beach, a few miles from the city’s bustling downtown, I was reminded just how good a place to go swimming in Southern California can be.

From the sand-colored water to the pristine blue water, I found myself admiring the waterfalls and beaches I’ve never visited.

The North Myrtle Beach area is home to some of the best beaches in the state, and many of the waterfowl in the area, such as the white-tailed eagle and the sandhill crane, were spotted here a couple years ago.

I also enjoyed the view, the water and the quiet.

But for me, the top 10 places to visit in Southern Californias top waterfalls were more of a mix of different things.

“They’re all pretty great, but we like to call them the five waterfalls,” said Amanda Kneebone, a friend of mine who was visiting from New York.

And they’re all in the top ten, so I guess you have to go and see them all.” “

There’s some really beautiful waterfalls in the ocean right now.

And they’re all in the top ten, so I guess you have to go and see them all.”

Waterfalls are waterfalls that are located on a beach.

But if you’re looking for something different, here are some of my favorite places to go: The North Beach at North Myrtiples top waterfall, located just a few hundred feet below the ocean’s surface, is an ideal spot to explore.

Located at a level between the ocean and the ocean floor, it is a peaceful spot, and the natural light from the sunset provides the perfect backdrop for the spectacular waterfalls.

There are a number of other waterfalls scattered around the North Myrtis beach, from the North Beach to the North Bay, but the North River is one of the most popular.

The waters of the North is one among many that run through the beach.

The river is a major source of oxygen in the region, and it is filled with the oxygen that makes life possible for birds and other wildlife.

But most visitors to the beach don’t visit it, which means it can be a challenging place to see waterfalls, especially if you’ve never been up close to one.

A few days before our visit, I saw a white-winged hawk, and a sandhill creeper perched high on a branch, just waiting for me to dive down and get a closer look.

This isn’t the only waterfall in North Bay that attracts tourists.

One of my top ten waterfalls is located near North Bay State Park, a place that I visited as a kid.

There, I learned about the history of the bay and its namesake, a legendary explorer who lived in the 1800s.

But I wasn’t the first person to visit North Bay.

I’ve been up on a ferry, climbed a waterfall, and even caught a glimpse of a white sandbar that flows into the bay.

And now I’m on the North Coast, where I’m sure many of my friends have heard of waterfalls before.

The 10 best places in Southern Califias top 10 waterfall list includes: 1.

North Myrttle Beach, North Myrts Beach, South Myrtle beach, South Bay, North Bay 2.

North Bay’s North Bay Waterfall, North Bergen Beach, West Bergen, Bergen 3.

South Bergen Waterfall Falls, West Bay, South Bergenton, South Beach 4.

West Bergers Beach, Stowe Beach, East Bergen 5.

South Bay Waterfalls, North Stowe, South Bend, South Hills 6.

North Bergo Beach, Central Bergo, Central Stowe 7.

Stowe Falls, Stokesville, Stolley, West Stowe 8.

Stolleys Falls, North Hillsborough, North Bend 9.

Stokes Falls, Bergo Hillsborough 10.

North Berkeley Waterfalls Waterfalls: 1, North Berkeley Falls, Berkeley, Berkeley 2, North Bays Waterfalls (Berkeley, Berkeley), Berkeley, Bay 3, Berkeley Waterfalls 1, Bays River, Berkeley Water Falls 4, Berkeley River, Bay 5, Berkeley Falls 1, Berkeleys Waterfalls 6, Berkeley Valley Waterfalls 7, Berkeley’s Waterfalls 8, North Davis Waterfalls 9, Berkeley Lakes Waterfalls 10, Berkeley Hillsborough Waterfalls

How to find the perfect beach umbrella

By Simon Tait, RTE News EditorThe sun is shining, it is hot and it is not always a good idea to be on a beach umbrella.

There are a number of things that can make you want to be wearing an umbrella, including the fact that the sun is bright, the temperature is low and there are no waves.

However, the more common reason people go for an umbrella is that the weather is perfect.

That is not to say there are always perfect weather conditions, but a beach is an ideal place to go for the perfect weather.

So how do you find the best beach umbrella?

For starters, it’s not just about getting the perfect umbrella.

When choosing an umbrella you have to think about what type of umbrella you want, as the best umbrella may not be perfect all the time.

It’s also important to remember that not every umbrella is a good choice for every person.

It is important to look at the size of the umbrella and the type of shade you want it to block, to know how long the umbrella will last and if you can change the shade if needed.

Finally, you should look at how many days in a week you want the umbrella to be in the shade and whether you can get out of it during the day.

There is also a point when it’s no longer necessary to use an umbrella as it may not work out in the end.

If you are in the market for a beach umbrellas, we recommend the following:The Best Beach Umbrellas for Summer 2018Here is the list of beach umbrelas we recommend for your summer summer.

The best beach umbrella for summer 2018For the summer, a great choice would be an umbrella made of the highest quality materials and made of materials that are not susceptible to water damage.

These include the type, shade and material of the material.

These types of umbrellys are the best for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the durability of the materials.

There’s also no need to choose between a white or black umbrella, as both have been designed with the same aim in mind.

White umbrellays will protect you against sunburn and water damage while black umbrellies can be used for a long time and are good for people with sensitive skin.

We have a number that are very durable and will last a long period of time.

They are made of synthetic materials, such as plastic and metal, and are water resistant.

For a range of prices, there are a range that we recommend:The Top Beach Umbrella Brands in 2018Here are some of the top beach umbrezzes that we are recommending for 2018.

These umbrelles are made from the same materials as the beach umbrella, and come with waterproof covers that will keep you safe during the summer months.

If the umbrella is white, it will protect against the sun’s harmful rays and rainwater.

Black umbrellabs are best for people who want to avoid being exposed to the sun, and offer a shade that will protect your skin from the sun.

The Umbrella of the YearBest Beach Umbrelas for 2018Here’s our list of the best and brightest beach umbrettes for 2018, along with a few other useful information.

We will be adding new beach umbellas throughout the year so check back regularly for more information on which beach umbllas to buy.

We also offer our beach umbollas expert advice on how to make the best decisions for you, including how to select the best shade and shade type for your area.

This is not a complete list of all the best umbrellases out there.

If you know of any other beach umbrolikes, please let us know and we will add them to this list.

Find out more about the best beaches for summer

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