How to stay safe and healthy in the aftermath of Superstorm Florence

Newport Beach is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers in Southern California, and that popularity has meant a lot of damage.

The beach was flooded on Friday night, and there were reports of people in the city’s tourist areas getting hit by flood waters.

It’s been described as one of California’s worst disasters.

People have been told to stay out of the city because of the high water and the possibility of more floods.

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the next storm.


You’ll Need To Bring a Safety Plan: There are several ways you can protect yourself, but one of them is to have a safety plan.

If you have a home, get an evacuation plan, and get a checklist.

You may have to go outside to get the checklist, which may not be easy to get if you’re traveling.

You should also consider staying with a family member or friend who can help.

The checklist will also help you figure out what to do in case you’re stuck.

If your plans aren’t clear, you may need to call the city to find out what plans are available and how to make them work.


You Need to Know Your Weather: The city has an app that can help you see the weather conditions right now and what you can expect.

This is not always the case.

If there is heavy rainfall or flash flooding, you can use the app to see what the weather will look like in your area and what’s happening in other parts of the country.

You can also call the National Weather Service at (714) 923-7000 to check out forecasts and conditions in your specific area.


There Are Other Ways to Protect Yourself: Your first step should be to find a place you can live.

If possible, get a temporary shelter.

You will want to put up a shelter before it’s too late.

If it’s still too late, you will need to find somewhere to stay.

Make sure you have enough food, water, blankets, and other supplies.


If You Are Moving: Make sure to get out of your house by 7 p.m.

Tuesday to ensure you have plenty of time to get somewhere.

If not, call the county emergency management agency to find where you can go and arrange for transport.

There are also options for you to stay with friends and family, but be aware that many people may not have the transportation.

If a group is moving, they can stay with your grandparents or other family members if they are staying at a hotel.


Stay away from water sources and close to a highway: The beach is very close to several major highways.

Make a plan to get away from roads that could be flooded, especially if you plan on driving in a large group.

You need to be aware of the current conditions and make sure that you know where you are in case of an emergency.


Get to a Safety Zone: If you are moving, be sure to stay at a designated location.

It may be a hotel, campground, or a restaurant.

Make the plan ahead of time, and be prepared to use a phone or laptop when necessary.


Don’t Go Outside: If possible and if you are not moving, it may be safer to stay indoors if you have an evacuation kit and other personal items.

Be prepared to stay in a shelter if you don’t have a plan.

Stay at a location that is well-lit, has good air conditioning, and is close to other buildings or streets.

You won’t want to be alone in the dark if you need help.

Make arrangements to call a rescue or a law enforcement agency.


Bring a List of Other Things to Protect: When moving, you should have at least one way to call 911 if you get separated from friends or family.

There may be ways to protect other people as well, such as with a phone, laptop, and personal items such as a flashlight, water bottle, and water bottle opener.


Don�t Forget Your Pets: Your pets should be kept in the home with you.

If necessary, keep them in the same room.

If they are outside, keep your pet inside.

When your pets are outside in public, they should be in a separate room.


Don��t Throw Anything Away: There is a small chance that some items will be lost in the water.

Make backups and keep them until you can find them.

Keep your car keys and other valuables in a safe place.

If needed, bring the items to the nearest police station or a local hospital.


Bring Food, Water, and Shelter: The food you bring to the hotel will have to be safe and kept refrigerated.

If supplies are limited, get food from a nearby restaurant or grocery store.

If available, bring water to your hotel.


Get Outside and Watch for Floods: If the water

Belmar Beach – Surfers hit with heatwave

NEWPORT BEACH, Queensland (RTE) – Surf lifesavers are battling the heatwave in Belmar, as the mercury continues to fall and surfers are suffering from hypothermia.

The heatwave has caused an exodus of tourists from Belmar as they are unable to enjoy the beaches and the locals are feeling the effects of the heat.

Many surfers have gone to Belmar for the past three weeks, but there is still a large number of people staying home to protect their homes.

Residents are not just concerned about the heat but also the safety of their homes and their children.

They are also concerned about a spike in footfall and car accidents.

Some have reported being hit by waves of up to 10 metres (33 feet) and others have suffered heatstroke.

There are no major surf spots left, but the local residents are feeling extremely concerned and are planning to stay home until they can get through to their homes again.


How to prepare for a Hurricane Florence event: How to protect your home from the storm

This storm will likely be a relatively mild event.

The strongest winds will come from the North Atlantic and the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm will be a low pressure system moving towards the western United States and the Caribbean.

A tropical depression is expected to form over the western U.S. coast.

The hurricane is expected with a wind speed of 100 mph (161 kph) with gusts of 100 to 125 mph (240 to 280 kph).

The storm is expected near the center of the United States from mid-Atlantic to southern Florida.

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