When is the best time to visit Florida beaches?

In a recent article in Medical News Now, Dr. Scott G. Anderson, MD, a gastroenterologist with the Johns Hopkins University, wrote: “In general, a good time to go to Florida is before the start of spring when the weather is clear, warm and humid.

The best time is in mid-May when the temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) and the humidity is 70 percent or above.”

While the article notes that the “warm, humid weather is usually good for keeping pathogens and bacteria from multiplying, it is important to be alert to any signs of an infection.

This includes fever, rash, cough and flu symptoms, as well as other symptoms of an underlying medical condition, such as headache and fatigue.”

In other words, a warm, humid day might be good for the stomach and lungs.

Dr. Anderson continues: “The best time of year to visit for flu symptoms is late in March when the flu season has just started and there is very little chance of transmission of the flu.

The season ends in mid to late April when the virus is typically more active and you might see more flu cases and more deaths.””

However, the flu can be very bad for your health.

It is very common for people to feel very sick, especially if they are older and more likely to have weakened immune systems,” he writes.

Dr Anderson also says that the best day to visit is in late July, “when the flu is still not widespread and you may have a very good chance of catching the virus in person.

If you visit in late summer or fall, however, you might get a good chance if you are careful about your travel plans and do not miss a single opportunity to get vaccinated.”

Dr. Michael Berenson, MD and colleagues from the Johns Wayne State University School of Medicine, wrote a book about what to look for during the flu pandemic in which they describe how they monitored flu-like symptoms in patients who visited Florida beaches during the pandemic and found they were most likely to get a fever and cough.

According to Dr. Beren, the “fever and cough” symptoms, while they are “not particularly worrisome,” can be a “tough pill to swallow” and a “crucial reminder to get your flu shots.”

In their book, Drs.

Barenson and Beren say that it is “quite possible” that the flu might have been the reason the flu was spreading from person to person.


Anderson and Barensons book is available for purchase.

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