How to avoid getting a tattoo of Donald Trump’s face on your neck

In a strange turn of events, Florida man David Grier was going to get a tattoo this weekend on his neck.

On Sunday, Grier got his tattoo on his left temple, the same spot that was where Trump had been photographed during a campaign rally last year.

Grier, a local entrepreneur, was hoping to draw attention to the recent Supreme Court ruling that made it legal for same-sex couples to marry.

But Grier said he thought the tattoo was too “offensive” to put on his face.

So, he made sure to find a place to tattoo it.

Griers wife, Rachel, told The Huffington Post she was shocked by the news.

She said she thought that the tattoo could be seen by other people.

“My wife told me that they were going to go down to the barber shop and get a haircut, and I would not want them to see that,” she said.

Rachel Grier, David Griers wife said that he thought that they would get a cut.

But he didn’t know the tattoo artist, who was not identified in the report.

Rachel said she didn’t see what Grier had to do to get his tattoo and that she’s unsure of why he was looking at the site.

“I’m not sure why he wanted to do it, but I’m definitely concerned that it’s going to come across as offensive,” she told The Associated Press.

“It’s a very disturbing situation for everyone who is gay and it could potentially make it very difficult to get the tattoo.”

Rachel said that she and Grier are planning to get more tattoos of Trump’s.

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