The hottest spots in Florida to swim in: The CNN Guide

Folly Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach and Palm Beach are among the hottest spots to swim with the Florida sun.

There’s no denying that the sun is a great way to get a good tan.

But the weather is not always that kind, according to the CNN Guide to the Sunshine State.

“The heat can be pretty brutal,” said Ashley Kellett, a former Olympian who now lives in Orlando.

“When it gets really hot, you don’t really want to be swimming in that water.”

The guide warns that temperatures in Florida can be up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and some spots can hit as high as 140 degrees.

In other words, if you want to get into the water, you better plan ahead.

Here are the top 10 hottest spots for swimming.


Folly beach: The beach at Folly is a popular destination in Fort Lauderdale.

But some people will argue that the water isn’t as clean as the rest of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches.

The water is a little too salty, said Kayla Ziegler, a spokeswoman for the Fort Lauderdale Recreation Authority.


Fort Lauderdale beach: In Fort Lauderdale, you can swim in the ocean, on the beach, in the lake or even on the water.

But be prepared to get wet.

The pool is located on the north side of the beach and it’s not fountains.

It’s actually just a pool with an electric fence that you have to walk through, Zieglers said.


Fort Myers Beach: This is where you can get some sun and you can catch the rays.

It can get very hot, but the water is not so bad, said Melissa E. St. Clair, a spokesperson for the Port Canaveral Health Department.

It has a cool water temperature of about 100 degrees and it can get pretty hot, especially in the summer, she said.

“I think it’s the hot water that brings out the best in people.”


Palm Beach beach: Palm Beach Beach has an indoor swimming pool, but it can be quite hot and you should be careful.

The hot water can reach 150 degrees, said Nicole M. Lavin, a senior lifeguard with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department.


Fort Walton Beach: If you are in the area and the temperature is in the 80s, this is a good place to go, said Mark L. Schumacher, a lifeguard for the National Parks Service in Fort Walton.


Fort Pierce Beach: The temperature can be as high up to 100 degrees, but you should stay inside because the pool is cold, said Schumachers.


St Augustine Beach: There are pools in Fort Pierce that can get hot as high a 110 degrees, which is what many people do, according the National Weather Service.

The pools are located on a residential street in Fort Martin, which isn’t a popular spot for swimming, according Schumbs.


St Johns County: The weather can get quite hot, even in winter, but be careful, the pool can get up to 120 degrees, Schumbers said.


Fort Wayne Beach: You can swim the beach on the south side, but if you don

How to Save Florida’s Orange Beach by Eating and Drinking It

By the time the sun goes down, the orange-haired, yellow-eyed and black-haired crew of crew members are heading into the ocean for the night.

The crew of the Ocean Spray ship in the Gulf of Mexico on April 5, 2019.

(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)A crew member from the Ocean Sprayer, a commercial vessel that is tasked with bringing clean, sustainable, local water to the islands of Oahu and Maui.

(Photos: Mark Wagner/Getty)A man from Oahu, Hawaii.

(Photograph by: Mark Hamilton/Getty).

A crew from the Oahu Oahu Water Authority, which operates Oahu’s Oahu Island and Kauai Islands, stands in the middle of the ocean.

(photos by: Paul J. Richards/AFP/GettyImages)A fisherman from Maui, Hawaii, stands by the side of the ship.

(photo by: Rick Bowmer/AP)A small boy from Maua, Hawaii is seen on a beach with a paddleboard.

(photograph by Rick Bowman/AP).

A woman stands in front of a Coast Guard cutter and a water truck.

(courtesy of Navy/Flickr)An elderly man from Honolulu, Hawaii holds a bucket of water from a Coast Guards cutter.

(album courtesy of Navy)A woman holds her daughter as she sits in front an Oahu Police boat.

(credit: John Bazemore/GettyPhotos)An Oahu man is seen in front a Coastguard cutter and an Oceanside Police boat on the water.

(AP Photo/John Bazemire)A boy from O’ahu, the capital of Hawaii, sits in a chair in front the Coast Guard Cutter.

(L-R: Mike Brown/Mike Brown; Paul J

How to make your own homemade turtle shell

A local fisherman’s son is making a splash with his turtle shell.

Cannon Beach resident Andrew Taylor has been making turtle shells out of plastic bottles for more than 20 years.

The shells are a good alternative to the plastic shells found in the stores and restaurants around town.

The local boy has his own shell that he is using for his own turtle.

Taylor says the shells can be made with just a plastic bottle or a plastic bag.

“We used to have some shells in a plastic box.

Now they are just thrown away, and we have to use whatever we can get,” he said.”

I think they are better than the plastic ones, they look more beautiful.”

The boy is selling his shell for a small profit.

Taylor has made a few shells, but says he has had success with other materials, including PVC pipe and sand.

“People are getting used to shells because it’s so easy to do it yourself,” he explained.

“You just put some stuff in the water, it will go out.”

Taylor says he uses the shells for their beauty and to keep warm when he has the temperature in the mid to high 30s in the summer.

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