How to rent a surf spot on Myrtle Beach: It’s pretty easy, says a property manager

When you think of the surf, the next question you might ask is “How much does it cost?”

If you rent a property on Myrle Beach, Florida, you might think you are renting out a private beach.

But that’s not quite the case.

“A lot of people think you’re renting a private property, but it’s actually an open-air surf spot,” said Tracy Tafur, property manager for Beach Paradise Surf Club.

For the most part, you’ll find a rental fee for the rental property is around $20 a night, Tafurs said.

But if you’re in a more upscale area, such as the city of Sunrise, you could find a higher rental fee of up to $150 a night.

Tafur also suggested you consider what type of pool you’d like to rent.

If your goal is to surf, TAFUR said you should consider renting a large water pool, a smaller one for smaller surfers, or a smaller, private pool for beginners.

In addition to the pool rental fee, Beach Paradise offers a variety of rental services such as water slides, sandbars, and beach towels.

You can also check out the area’s many other parks for more options, Taffe said.

The beach has plenty of outdoor space, and it’s also not too far from downtown.

But, if you want to surf on a beach, you’re better off renting a pool than renting a surf shack, Taffur said.

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