FBI and Navy search Fugitive Beach’s crane site

Authorities say they have searched a suspected drug lab on the shores of Myrtle Beach.

Authorities say the Coast Guard has searched a building suspected of storing illicit chemicals in the area.

Authorities said Friday that the building is suspected of being used as a drug lab.ABC 7 in Wilmington says authorities have also searched the home of the suspect, who was taken into custody Friday.

Officials said the suspect is a resident of the Newport Beach, Calif., area.

Police said Friday the suspect has been identified as Richard J. Rader, 58, of Newport Beach.

Investigators said they were alerted to the alleged lab by an anonymous tipster in August.

Authorities are searching for a man who allegedly used the facility to make cocaine and methamphetamines.ABC News affiliate KGO reports the suspect used a crane at the scene and later transported the drugs to his residence in Newport Beach where they were seized.ABC7 in Wilmington reports that Rader was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and conspiracy to commit drug paraphenalia.ABC5 in Newport News, Va., reports that the suspect was arrested by police in October and is being held on $20,000 bail.ABC4 in Newport, Va. reports that a judge is expected to set bond for Rader.ABC3 in Wilmington, Del., reports police are searching Rader’s Newport Beach home for clues.ABC2 in Wilmington reported that police searched the suspect’s Newport home Thursday and found evidence of drug manufacturing.ABC1 in Wilmington and KGO in Wilmington report that the search was ongoing Friday morning.ABC in Wilmington has a live blog.

Bizarre sandcastle that looks like a baby’s face

By Jeff Leacock The beach is filled with the makings of a beach party, but a beach sandcastle made of a baby is out there waiting for you.

The bizarre contraption is a sandcastle built on the sand, made of sandbags, with the goal of holding a baby at its waist, The Associated Press reports.

The baby has been floating for days in the ocean, and the sandbags have become an important part of the process, creating a floating baby.

Sand is a crucial ingredient for creating a sand castle, because it’s not easily broken down.

Sandbags need to be filled with water before they are sanded, and that water needs to be constantly brought in.

Sand is also incredibly expensive, and when it rains, it can be incredibly expensive to fill the sand castle.

But this baby has not been lost.

It was spotted last week, and now, according to the Associated Press, the sandcastle is being auctioned on eBay.

A buyer is being solicited to bid on the baby, which was built in 2006.

The seller is asking for $300,000 for the baby.

The baby is floating in the sea in an underwater cage.

The sandbags are filled with ice and water, and it’s up to the buyer to figure out how to bring it back out.

The buyer is hoping to find the money to get the baby out of the sea.

The seller says that the sandbag has been used as a floating platform for hundreds of years, and is one of the oldest sand castles in the world.

The mother has a different view on the origin of the sand bag.

“We didn’t build it for a baby,” she told the AP.

“It was created to protect the beach.

It’s supposed to be an attraction, but we didn’t make it for the beach.”

The seller said that it’s still too early to tell what the sale will be worth, but she does hope to sell the baby somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000.

How to paint beach bags with black sand

The most common problem with sandbags is that they’re a big waste of paint, so the Beach Bag Company is offering a new product.

The company’s Beach Bag Brush is a sponge brush that creates beach bags from a clear, opaque liquid and applies the black-sand material with ease.

The product costs $19.99.

The Beach Bag brushes come in a variety of sizes and the brushes are made in the USA, so they’ll last you for years of fun.

The brushes are designed to be used on sand, gravel, or sandbags.

This article was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated to include new information.

How to avoid getting a tattoo of Donald Trump’s face on your neck

In a strange turn of events, Florida man David Grier was going to get a tattoo this weekend on his neck.

On Sunday, Grier got his tattoo on his left temple, the same spot that was where Trump had been photographed during a campaign rally last year.

Grier, a local entrepreneur, was hoping to draw attention to the recent Supreme Court ruling that made it legal for same-sex couples to marry.

But Grier said he thought the tattoo was too “offensive” to put on his face.

So, he made sure to find a place to tattoo it.

Griers wife, Rachel, told The Huffington Post she was shocked by the news.

She said she thought that the tattoo could be seen by other people.

“My wife told me that they were going to go down to the barber shop and get a haircut, and I would not want them to see that,” she said.

Rachel Grier, David Griers wife said that he thought that they would get a cut.

But he didn’t know the tattoo artist, who was not identified in the report.

Rachel said she didn’t see what Grier had to do to get his tattoo and that she’s unsure of why he was looking at the site.

“I’m not sure why he wanted to do it, but I’m definitely concerned that it’s going to come across as offensive,” she told The Associated Press.

“It’s a very disturbing situation for everyone who is gay and it could potentially make it very difficult to get the tattoo.”

Rachel said that she and Grier are planning to get more tattoos of Trump’s.

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