How to get rid of the sand on your beach dress

The beach is the only place where we live and breathe.

There’s a sea of water on every surface of our planet.

And it’s full of all sorts of organisms that love and thrive on sand.

But what you don’t want to do is wear a sand beach dress.

According to beachwear designer Rebecca Tompkins, sand has the potential to be a deadly pollutant that could ruin your appearance.

“People often don’t realise that sand is one of the most polluting substances in the world, it’s a major contributor to global warming and its also a major factor in coastal erosion,” she said.

“So, sand should be avoided wherever possible.”

So what do you do when you get sweaty and get a little beachy?

You can use the sand to make a sand washcloth or beach towel, which is a great way to take your sand beach to the next level.

If you’re going to be on the beach, it is wise to wear sand-free beachwear as well.

Tompkin said that in the past, sand was often washed into the sea and this could create a toxic algae bloom that can affect the environment.

So, to protect yourself from the toxic algae, you should always wear a beach dress when you go out to the water.

Tipps says this is also a great option for people who want to keep to a beach in the heat of summer.

You can also use sand to create a beach towel that will also work as a beach sandiego.

To make it, just start by gently rubbing your palms together and gently pulling the sand out with your fingers.

“It’s a bit like a beach hand towel, so you want to use the palm to pull it out and you want it to be really light and fluffy so it will glide around your hand like a surfboard,” she explained.

Use the sand as a sandiega for your beach and you’re ready to go. 

“I love it when people ask me what’s the best beach to wear for summer,” Tompkins told us.

“When I ask them, I always get people saying, ‘It’s the beach.’

But I think people are missing out.

If you want a great summer beach dress, I would say the beach is where it’s at.”

Image: Rebecca Tippkins

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