‘Polar Vortex’ will be worse than Hurricane Sandy for Florida residents—and it won’t be over until February 7

Miami Beach resident Michael Bierut said he and his family have been living in the tropical paradise of Palm Beach for 20 years.

But he’s been preparing for the storm that is coming, so he has a plan for how to cope with the hurricane.

The “Polar Storm” has already forced many evacuations, he said, and he is looking forward to the worst of the storm.

“This is going to be the worst we’ve ever experienced,” Bieruts said.

Bierut, who is also a Florida State University physics student, is a member of the Weather Channel’s Weather Alert System team. “

So, we’re really going to go for it.”

Bierut, who is also a Florida State University physics student, is a member of the Weather Channel’s Weather Alert System team.

Weather Alert is a network of over 100 stations that provide real-time weather data to millions of people across the United States.

The Weather Alert Network is a service that helps communities prepare for weather disasters, which are defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as major events that can result in widespread power outages and disruption to the economy.

For BierUT, the threat of the “Prad-1” storm is far more serious than Hurricane Katrina.

It’s expected to hit Florida over the weekend, and by early next week, it could reach the Gulf Coast.

“The winds are going to reach up to 110 miles per hour,” he said.

As of Wednesday, Florida was suffering from record-high temperatures and heavy rain in some parts of the state.

The state has also seen a surge in deaths due to tropical illness, and many residents have been forced to evacuate their homes.

The National Weather Service issued an “extreme tropical storm warning” for Florida, the fifth time this year the warning has been issued.

The National Weather Agency also warned that tropical storm warnings are now in effect for parts of South Florida, with the Florida Keys and the Outer Banks being affected by tropical storm conditions.

The region is expected to get up to 15 inches of rain over the next few days.

Bieruts plan is to leave his house and head to his wife’s house in the suburbs.

He will stay there until it gets to the coast and he will head home.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told the Miami Herald.

“I haven’t seen anything in my entire life like this.”

Bidwell Beach resident Kevin Bieruti said he’s not worried about his future after the storm, and that the only thing he’ll worry about is the “temperature.”

Biersuti said if the “storm” does hit Florida, he’s prepared.

He has a hurricane plan, he told ABC News.

He also has a car and he’s going to stay on the road.

“The only thing that worries me is the weather,” he added.

“It’s going be tough to leave.

I’ll probably stay home and stay here.”

Byris said he is keeping a log of all his grocery shopping and he has put on a bucket list of things he wants to do before the storm hits.

He’s planning to eat lunch on his front porch.

“We’ve got a lot of shopping to do,” he explained.

“When the weather hits, we’ll be in our little store.

We’ll be able to do that.”

Bermuda resident David DeGuegues said he has been preparing himself for the potential of the hurricane by taking precautions.

He said he bought a bucket of water, and a hat, and is planning to stay inside until the weather clears up.

“Everything will be safe,” he stated.

“If it does rain, we don’t need to worry about anything.

It will be a rainy day.”

Beverly Hills resident Michael Pachter said he will prepare for the worst by keeping a low profile, avoiding the media, and going with his gut.

“You’ve got to prepare for anything, because the weather is unpredictable,” he observed.

Pachter, a retired real estate agent, said he plans to stay home from his home to help his family, and to take advantage of the weather.

“There’s no way I’m going to leave my house,” he assured.

“And it’s just going to get worse before it gets better.”

Bachter has seen a rise in “superstorm” warnings in recent weeks, with a superstorm warning issued for Miami on Wednesday.

“There’s been some reports that the storm has picked up speed,” he noted.

“But it’s very unlikely that this will turn into a major storm.”

The National Hurricane Center issued a super storm warning for the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, which includes the Gulf coast, the Florida Panhandle, the Keys, and the southern portion of Florida.

It is currently predicting that a hurricane will be moving in to the Florida

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