Beach babes are ‘a little bit like a princess’: Teenager describes her beach babies

Posted August 08, 2018 05:17:20 Beach babies are “just a little bit princess like,” according to a teen who described her new baby babes as “super cute.”

The 15-year-old said she was inspired to start a blog, The Princess Diary, because she felt “like I needed to write about it.”

“I have a lot of friends who are into babies, so I figured, ‘why not make a blog about it?'” the Florida teen, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Associated Press.

“It’s really hard to find people who are willing to share their experiences and share their stories.”

The teenager, who is a member of the United States Marine Corps, told the AP that she had a lot to say about her new babies and the challenges that come with caring for them in the world.

“They are all very young, they are all just so sweet,” she said.

“I love them.

They’re so adorable.”

The teen said her new “babes” were born on a Tuesday and are expected to spend most of their lives with their mother.

“My husband and I have no clue how they are going to be able to stay at home and care for them,” she added.

“At some point, I just want to know, ‘Do I love these babies?’ “

I don’t know. “

At some point, I just want to know, ‘Do I love these babies?’

I don’t know.

And if they don’t like it, then that’s okay.”

The couple’s youngest daughter, whom they are planning to name Amelia, is expected to be born in the next month.

Amelia will be the first baby to have a biological mother.

She is expected at some point to join her mother in their home.

“That will be a really special day,” she told the Associated Press by phone.

“And we can’t wait to share it.”

Amelia’s older sister, who was born in April, will join Amelia in the family home.

The girls will spend a lot more time together in the home.

They have already begun sharing a bedroom with a large-breasted woman, whose husband is a U.S. Navy SEAL, and a man with a big-breast physique, who are expected soon to be joined by a daughter and a son.

“The biggest challenge for Amelia is not necessarily her size or her age,” the mom told the outlet.

“But she does have the biggest challenges with social acceptance, and that’s something that we’re really excited about.”

“She has to have some friends,” the mother said.

The parents said they have no plans to open a hospital.

“This is not a hospital, this is a home,” Amelia’s mother said, according to the outlet, adding that “we don’t have a bed.”

She added that she is very excited to have “an extra room for the two of them” and that she will be looking forward to welcoming Amelia to the family soon.

“When I think about my children, I feel like my baby has come into the world, and I am so happy,” she reportedly said.

Amelia’s family and friends have started a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical bills and travel expenses for the babies.

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