Why is a hotel with a pool called a “pool?”

Rehobut, Va.

— When it comes to pool rentals, it’s all about style.

A beachfront hotel, for instance, might have a swimming pool and sauna, but in Rehoboost Beach, Va., it’s a pool with an ice skating rink.

The pool is open to the public, and you can rent it for a little under $400 a day, according to Rehobeys.com.

“The fact that we can have ice skating is just so much fun,” said Krista Prentice, a Rehobiys resident.

“I’ve had guests come in and say, ‘I like the pool.

It’s so relaxing.'”

Rehobost Beach’s pool is also a popular destination for local ice skating enthusiasts.

Ice skaters are invited to ice skate on the ice for free every Thursday and Friday night, and on Saturday and Sunday, there are also free ice skating sessions at the hotel.

Prentice said the rink’s ice is so smooth that she would have to be very careful in case of accidents.

“I think it’s really important that you have enough confidence in the rink to not get hurt or hurt yourself,” Prentice said.

But that’s just one of the perks of the Rehoblades pool, which also includes a tennis court, a swimming hole, a ping pong court, ping pongs, a slide, and a playground.

And that’s not all.

The pool is equipped with a full-service gym, a fitness center, a barber shop, and other facilities.

It’s also a great place to enjoy some time in the sun, Prentice added.

“It’s definitely a place to go for that extra bit of relaxation,” she said.

“It’s a great beach vacation,” said Prentice.

“There’s so many people out here that go out every day.”

Rehobeings.com is a new website from Rehobia.com, a non-profit organization that connects people to Rehab-based services.

It is owned by the company that owns Rehoba’s and has a nonprofit mission to provide accessible, affordable and accessible services to those in need.

The website features a full schedule of Rehab services available throughout the Rehab Center, and it also offers information on local businesses.

Check it out: https://www.rehabcenter.org/rehab-services/

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