What is Bethany Beach?

Bethany, a beachfront property in Northern California, is the first location of a planned chain of resorts that could see the development of nearly 50 luxury resorts across the United States.

While the brand name of the resort would be Bethany B&B, the resort’s name will be changed to The Beach Resort.

The new resorts, which are expected to open by 2020, will be constructed from the ground up in California.

They will include hotels, restaurants, retail, and even an aquarium.

More than 80 percent of the resorts are expected be located in California, which means that California residents can be assured of having a vacation in the area, as well as a beach holiday destination in the future.

According to a press release, “the Bethany beach resort concept will offer a new experience for the people of Southern California and beyond, as we bring the Beach Resort to life.

The new resorts will be built on the land of Southern Utah, and the development will be designed for the unique challenges and amenities of Southern Cali.”

The concept is part of a broader plan to bring luxury resorts to California and other southern states.

California already has more than 2,300 resorts, most of which have closed.

A new chain of luxury resorts is expected to follow.

In addition to the Bethany resort, another new resort will open in 2017 in Los Angeles, which is expected as the first of the new resorts.

There are also plans for the first resort to open in 2019 in Palm Springs, California, and another in 2020 in Orange County, California.

A third new resort, which will be completed by 2020 in San Diego, California is planned for 2019.

An expansion of the existing Bethany Resort is expected for 2020 in Baja California, California as well.

Another resort, the B&amps Beach Resort in Southern California, will open by 2021.

Finally, in 2019, there will be another resort opening in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Development Is Supported By

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