‘Mysterious’ mystery sea creature found in North Myrtle Beach

Posted May 30, 2019 09:36:07The mystery sea creatures that appear to have vanished from the sea have been found by an amateur photographer.

Key points:The sea creatures are still alive and well in North Myrtle BeachThe creatures are known to inhabit the waters of the sea, in what some call the world’s largest sea of sharksThe sightings have puzzled locals and conservationists, with the marine biologist Dr Richard Hinchley describing the creatures as “suspicious”.

A photograph of one of the creatures has been posted online, showing a man swimming alongside a sea turtle, which he believes to be a shark.

Dr Hinchly said he first noticed the creatures were swimming at the North Myrtle Beach National Park on Saturday, May 24.

He said: “I looked at it a little bit and I said, ‘I think I’ve seen something like that somewhere in the waters here in North Meath.’

It wasn’t a big animal, it was like a big white, hairy thing, that looked like a white sea turtle.”

I think it might be a great specimen.

“The sea creature has not been spotted by other people, Dr Hinchy said.

He posted the photograph on Facebook, adding: “It was pretty cool.”

A man who spotted the creature posted on Facebook: “What’s that, a sea lion?”

A photo posted on social media showed the sea creatures being approached by a man in a boat.

The man, who identified himself as a member of the public, wrote on the photo: “They were swimming in a big circle, with all their fins up, with a white hump on the top of their head.”

They had a very long tail, a big round head and a big big white eye.”

He said he was amazed to find that the sea animals were alive and “in good condition”.

Dr Hinchesley said: “”They were really close to the shore, they were swimming with a very strong current in the water, the waves were very strong, so they were moving very fast, like they were doing for the last 30 minutes or so, which is unusual for the water there.

“Dr Hintley said he believed the creatures could be related to a species of fish, but he could not say if it was a shark or a dolphin.

Dr Richard Hintly, a marine biologist from the University of Wales, said:”They’re quite mysterious, but they’re still alive.”

The man who saw the sea creature posted a video to YouTube, saying: “My friend saw a strange sea creature in the North Meathy waters, I was really amazed.”

Dr Richard said he could only describe the creatures to the man as being “very unusual”.

He said the sighting was a “huge surprise” and a “big step forward”.

The sea animal is still alive, Dr Richard said, but is “quite unusual” in terms of its size.

The creatures’ sightings have baffled locals and environmental groups.

Dr John Waddell from the North Myrtle Beach Nature Reserve said: ‘It’s something we haven’t seen in years.'”

It’s a mystery, it’s just a sea creature and we’re all hoping it’s a great creature that’s just living out there.

“The reserve was closed to the public on Saturday after an incident at a fishing beach, with staff evacuated.

A North Meat Beach National Parks spokesman said the animals were still alive in the area.

He told The Irish Sun: “This morning we received a call about a large, white shark with a huge white tail that was swimming in the sand at North Meate Beach National Recreation Area.”

There was no information on the shark’s age or species, however it did swim around in the shallow water for a couple of minutes.”

We have been working with the South Meate Wildlife Area and have been monitoring the situation.

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