How to make sure your child’s new bike is in perfect shape

New bicycle sales are soaring and the bikes are going fast.

What should you know about these new vehicles?


What is a bike?

Bicycles are used primarily for commuting and to get around town, and the models can range from a low-slung commuter to a sportive or touring bike.

A typical bike is typically a two-wheel, four-wheeled vehicle that has a top speed of between 20 to 30 mph.


How do you know if your child is going to get one?

If your child has any type of mobility impairment, they may need a mobility device that allows them to ride or drive.

They may need to wear a helmet and a safety belt to ride.

If your child does not have a disability, they are not required to wear the device.


Which types of bikes are available?

The bicycle industry is dominated by three categories: sportives, hybrids and mountain bikes.

Sportives are mostly used for urban use, while hybrid and mountain bike models are used in some urban areas as well.


What types of helmets do kids wear?

A child’s helmet should be snug but not too tight, with no gaps.

A full face mask is a must.


What about other safety equipment?

Children may need specialized safety equipment for biking or running on uneven terrain.


Do helmets provide any protection from head injuries?

No. 7.

Are there other types of safety equipment available?

Yes, helmets are required in many areas.

However, not all schools and playgrounds require helmets.


Are helmets covered by health insurance?



Are children required to have a bike seat in order to ride it?

No. 10.

Are bicycle helmets covered?

Yes and they should be, too.


What does the law say about riding in traffic?

Every state has its own rules on when and how children are allowed to ride on public sidewalks and other public spaces.

The law requires all drivers to yield the right-of-way to a child.

The driver must also yield the entire roadway to children when entering and exiting a vehicle.


Can a child ride a bicycle in the street without a helmet?

No, unless they are accompanied by an adult.


What if I can’t ride in the roadway?

While it is not a crime to ride in a bicycle lane, it is illegal to ride a bike or skateboard in the center of a roadway.


Can I drive a bike on a sidewalk?

No and the law does not require drivers to give way to bicyclists.


Can children ride on sidewalks without helmets?

Yes if they are wearing helmets, but not all parks require helmets, so they are still required to follow the rules.


Are bicyclists required to use crosswalks?

Yes; they can use them in the front or the back of a bicycle, but they must not block other traffic.


Are bicycles required to be in single- or double-lane traffic?

Yes except in very narrow streets and in some instances when it is unsafe to pass or to slow down.


Are motorcycles required to operate in single or double lanes?

Yes for a limited time, but only on limited routes and at certain times of the day.


Is it legal to park on the sidewalk?

Yes because it is a protected right of way.


Is a bike allowed on sidewalks in the rain?

Yes when it rains, because it provides more space for pedestrians.


Is there a minimum age to ride bikes?

Yes only children under the age of 16 are allowed on bikes.


Can bicycles be ridden in certain areas?

Yes in parks, but the law only requires that bicycles be parked on the curb or sidewalk.


Can you drive a motorcycle without a bicycle helmet?

Yes with a helmet, but it is against the law to operate a motorcycle while wearing a helmet.


Do I need a bicycle safety seat in the back seat of my car?

Yes it is required.


What happens if I’m not home when my child rides?

It depends on the city and school district.

Some children will have to ride their bikes on school property or at a bike station.


How long does it take for a school district to issue a safety ticket?

School districts may issue a ticket for violations up to 90 days.


How many school districts are there in the United States?

There are more than 60,000 districts.


What do you call a bike-share program?

Hive bike.


What type of bikes do you sell?

You can find them at bike shops, thrift stores and online.


Are bikes considered vehicles under the law?

No because bikes are considered passenger vehicles and are subject

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