Which hotel has the best beaches?

Beaches in the Bahamas and Jamaica have been making the news lately, but which hotel has been the most popular?

That question has been posed by a recent poll of more than 5,000 guests at the two properties.

The Bayside Resort in Jamaica, for instance, was the most visited in the country, with a whopping 10,000 people visiting for the past year, and with a beach house set to open in early 2018.

The Beach Bays resort in Jamaica was also named best hotel for 2019, followed by the Beach Biscuit in Jamaica Beach, which was ranked number two.

A spokesperson for the Baysides said the beach house would be opened in early 2019, but there are no official plans to open it yet.

A representative for Hilton Hotels said the BeachBays hotel has had a “huge” year.

“We are excited to have our brand-new BeachBees property, and the BeachBs are just one of our many properties across the globe, including many in the Caribbean,” Hilton Hotel spokesperson Jessica Hickey said in a statement.

“We look forward to welcoming our guests, families and guests of all ages at our newly expanded Baysend Resort in early 2020.”

The BeachBiscuit has been one of the most-popular hotel properties in the United States, with 3,400 guests visiting the property in 2019 alone.

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