How to avoid sunburns from summer beach vacation

In August, the sun has been on the rise in the south of the United States, and many of us are starting to get a little sunburned.

But if you’re going to be out and about, it’s wise to keep the sun out of the sunburn.

Here are 10 tips to keep your skin happy and protected.1.

Wear sunscreen1.

Use sunscreen, even at low levels2.

Stay inside4.

Keep your body warm and dry5.

Use good-quality sunscreen6.

Avoid sun-damaged clothing and products7.

Wear a hat or sunglasses to protect your eyes8.

Keep cool in cooler temperatures9.

Keep the temperature low10.

Wear long-sleeve shirts and pants for extended periods of timeWhen it comes to avoiding sunburn, keeping your skin covered and protected is crucial.

Even if you don’t have a sunburn problem, you should still consider sun protection and sunscreen as you go out and explore and make the most of your summer vacation.1) Wear sunscreenAlways wear sunscreen in an area that’s exposed to the sun, especially on the beach.

Sunscreens can make a difference when it comes time to spend time outdoors.

You can even use sunscreen to protect against the sun when you’re swimming, camping, hiking, or fishing.2) Stay insideWhen you’re out and exploring, be sure to keep yourself covered and protect yourself from the sun.

The more you’re exposed to sunlight, the more likely you are to develop sunburn and other skin issues.3) Stay indoorsAvoid sitting on the sun’s rays, or being exposed to direct sunlight.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that when people spend more time outdoors, their skin becomes more sensitive to the effects of the midday sun.4) Keep your skin warm and dampThe best way to protect yourself and your skin from sunburn is to keep it cool.

If you’re at home, it might be better to put on a layer of sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses to keep you cool.5) Use good quality sunscreenFor a long-lasting, sun-protective layer, consider applying a good- quality sunscreen like a sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor).

For the best protection, use a sunscreen that has a sunscreen SPF rating of 15 or greater, or SPF 30.

Sunscreen products can also protect against harmful UVB rays.6) Avoid sundamaged and contaminated clothingThe most important thing you can do to keep all of your clothes in good condition is to wear them at least twice a week.

Wear clothes that are both washable and dryable.

Use the same type of fabric and fabrics for both inside and outside wear.

This helps your skin stay cool.7) Avoid damaging productsA lot of sunscreen products are made of synthetic materials that can cause irritation and sunburn if not properly handled.

Avoid these products.8) Use long-Sleeve shirts or pantsThe longer you wear your shirt or pants, the less likely you will develop sun damage.

If your shirt is long, you might want to invest in a longer sleeve shirt or a longer length pants, like the one above.

If they don’t fit properly, you could try them on a length before going out and experimenting with them.9) Keep the temperatures coolThe best place to stay warm during summer is in a cooler climate, like a cooler winter.

If the temperature is low, stay outside or indoors, and keep your body covered.

Avoid exposing your skin to direct sun in the middle of the day.10) Keep cool and dryThe best times to wear sunscreen and protect against sunburn are in the summertime, but the best times also include the winter, when the temperatures are lower.

So make sure to protect from the elements while you’re exploring and staying safe.

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