How to avoid being photographed naked at an Indian rock beach

The most common problem when it comes to a nude photo is being caught by a group of people.

This is especially the case if you are taking a group photo at an island or rock beach, where the only place where you have a camera is your smartphone.

However, the same goes for a beach photo.

The main thing to remember when you are posing for a nude photograph is that you need to be able to maintain a good angle and not look directly at the camera, said S.R. Venkatraman, senior editor of The Times Of India, which first reported on the incident.

There are certain guidelines on how to avoid getting photographed naked in a group photograph.

Here is what you need for a group picture.

Know the situation If you are planning on posing for the photograph, try not to make any sudden movements while you are walking around.

You should still be able as much as possible to maintain eye contact and maintain your pose.

Keep your hands behind your back.

If you have your phone out and you need some privacy, make sure that you keep your hands at the waist and keep your head down.

Do not look at your phone from behind.

If your phone is in a pocket or bag, you should keep your phone firmly in that pocket or under the bag.

You can also avoid being seen if you wear glasses, the Times Of Indian said.

If possible, wear sunglasses to ensure you are not getting a blurred picture.

Have the right gear The best thing you can do is to have a set of sunglasses, a hat and a light-colored shirt.

Do NOT wear a hat unless you have the right kind of hat.

Wear a face mask.

It is recommended to have at least two layers of a face-mask, as it can help protect your eyes.

Also, a cap is very important, because if you put your face under a mask, you can be seen.

Avoid exposing your neck area to the sun.

Avoid taking selfies If you want to take a selfie at an international beach, it is advised that you wear a head-covering.

Do this if you have an umbrella or a large umbrella.

The Times also said that you should wear a long sleeve shirt with sleeves, which can help avoid being spotted.

The best way to avoid catching a naked photo in the sun is to use a low-angle lens.

Avoid having a camera on you The Times said that when you have done your homework, you have to be aware that you might be caught by someone who is not paying attention to your actions.

It’s important to be prepared, especially if you plan on posing in front of a group.

Be careful when you take a photo and try not take too many selfies.

If the person does catch you, they might think that you have gone for a swim, the paper said.

But be sure to keep your clothes in good condition.

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