The beach cart that won’t leave you stranded in Florida

It’s been two months since we left the resort town of Naples for our vacation, but the sun still hasn’t set.

We’ve been out there for nearly an hour, walking along the beach, taking photos, and trying to catch our breath as we make our way to the hotel that is our new home.

It’s still warm out, and the sun is already high in the sky.

We get into the van and drive to the beach.

The sand has turned to a deep blue.

Our guide has taken us to the ocean and has given us a brief tour of the area, telling us to stay inside and not to venture out.

Then he takes us into a room, which is a bit more spacious, and gives us a tour of our new house.

The sun is still shining, and we are enjoying our new surroundings.

I’ve never seen a beach cart before, so I don’t know if we will find a beach here, but I am excited to see what the owners have planned for us.

As we arrive, I see two kids walking the beach in front of the van.

They look like teenagers.

The van stops at the beach and the kids walk back inside, while the van is parked on the sand.

The driver of the beach cart turns around and asks the kids what they are doing out here.

The boys answer, “I don’t have anything.

We went to the supermarket, but it was closed.”

I’m so excited to meet this beach cart!

They are in Florida, so they will be there for us for quite a while.

We see a small van parked on a beach, and it has an old van inside.

The older van looks like it could be a new one, but is in good condition.

It looks like they have done a lot of repairs, as they have a small pile of sand in the back.

We then see a family sitting on the beach watching the beach walk by, laughing and talking.

The beach kids are not old enough to be the ones who want to go home, but they are very happy to be here.

We drive off and head to the resort.

The parents are in a room with the van, and they are smiling a lot.

They want to be at the pool with us, and so they ask for directions to the pool.

The family takes a break from the beach to rest in the sand and then we drive off to the resorts beach.

We arrive and sit at the front desk and ask for our room key.

The manager tells us that the beach is open, and that it is very hot out.

We walk inside and the owner asks us to bring a towel and some towels to the front door, and he will bring us a beach chair and a sand blanket.

We wait outside, and I am so happy that this will be my new home for a while!

We sit on the sofa and the driver starts to walk around the room.

We ask him what we can bring to the house, and all of a sudden, he walks over to us.

We start to take off our clothes and he asks us if we want to do something to the sand to keep warm.

We answer yes.

He then starts to play with our feet and hands, which we were enjoying a bit too much.

After about ten minutes of this, he takes a towel off and takes off his sand shoes.

The only thing that he wants to do is to put them in the towel and wipe them down.

We try to resist and we start to play a little bit too hard, but he doesn’t want to stop.

He starts to rub his hand on the carpet of the front of our van, which I think is a little embarrassing, so he stops.

I guess he just wanted to see how hot we would get.

We are really glad that we are here and can finally relax a bit.

After a while, the driver comes back and tells us to get in the van to be transported to the island resort, but before he can get us in, he stops and asks us what we were doing out there.

We tell him that we were playing around in the beach with a friend, and was wondering if we could join them.

He smiles, then asks us where we were going to go, to which we replied, “To the resort.”

We said yes, and headed back to the van for the rest of the day.

We made it to the airport, but had to leave a message with the owner and the staff in the resort before we could go.

We have been living in the car for two months now, and our van is still in good shape.

The owner and staff have also been very kind to us, so we have no reason to complain anymore.

We just hope that the owners and staff are able to repair our van soon.

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