Which U.S. cities are the safest in the country?

LONDON — It may be tough to find a place to stay in the United Kingdom.

There is little shortage of places to live and do business, but the country is also home to the world’s most popular social media sites.

The U.K. has an estimated 1.2 billion registered users, according to a new survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

It also has more than 300 million registered Facebook users, more than 100 million Instagram and Twitter followers and more than 700 million YouTube users.

The UK’s average monthly income is around $1,200, compared with the United States’ $3,000.

The country also has a smaller number of people per square mile, and its population is smaller than that of the U.A.E. The United States has a population of more than 5.5 million people and a per capita GDP of $12,000, according the U,S.

Census Bureau.

The Economist’s analysis of the United State showed that its cities have fewer violent crimes, fewer robberies, fewer murders and fewer rapes per capita.

While the United Kingdoms economy is the envy of the world, its cities are far from perfect, and there are a number of serious problems.

The United Kingdom has been criticized for the treatment of migrants.

Many of its residents live in poverty and have to fend for themselves, as well as many are victims of crime.

There are also worries that the country’s immigration policies are too lax and that many are not given adequate social services.

London has also become the latest U.k. city to adopt a “sanctuary city” policy, meaning it does not enforce federal immigration laws. In the U

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