Polygon: The Latest News on the State of South Carolina

It was a warm, sunny day on July 2, 2018 when a white, large plane carrying a man and a woman landed at the South Carolina State House.

The man, who was wearing a blue sweatshirt, and the woman, who wore a pink shirt, were in the front row, looking at the sun.

The plane was not on a runway.

It was on a beach, at an outdoor water park.

The plane touched down, then began its descent.

At first, the plane didn’t budge, but as the plane approached the shoreline, it began to turn around.

The two women then ran up to the pilot, who shouted at them to get down.

The pilot told them to wait for the plane to make its way to the shore, and then he began to land it.

The men and the women were then taken to the South Carolinas state Capitol, where they were reunited with their families.

The Statehouse was on lockdown as the investigation into the incident continued.

On the House floor, there were some cries of “no justice, no peace,” and others booed.

As the investigation unfolded, the two women were given no physical injuries, and no one was injured.

The investigation was still ongoing.

The pilot has been charged with felony assault and a misdemeanor count of trespassing, according to a news release from the South Charleston Police Department.

The woman has been released from the hospital, but the pilot has not been charged, according with the release.

The investigation is ongoing.

‘Polar Vortex’ will be worse than Hurricane Sandy for Florida residents—and it won’t be over until February 7

Miami Beach resident Michael Bierut said he and his family have been living in the tropical paradise of Palm Beach for 20 years.

But he’s been preparing for the storm that is coming, so he has a plan for how to cope with the hurricane.

The “Polar Storm” has already forced many evacuations, he said, and he is looking forward to the worst of the storm.

“This is going to be the worst we’ve ever experienced,” Bieruts said.

Bierut, who is also a Florida State University physics student, is a member of the Weather Channel’s Weather Alert System team. “

So, we’re really going to go for it.”

Bierut, who is also a Florida State University physics student, is a member of the Weather Channel’s Weather Alert System team.

Weather Alert is a network of over 100 stations that provide real-time weather data to millions of people across the United States.

The Weather Alert Network is a service that helps communities prepare for weather disasters, which are defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as major events that can result in widespread power outages and disruption to the economy.

For BierUT, the threat of the “Prad-1” storm is far more serious than Hurricane Katrina.

It’s expected to hit Florida over the weekend, and by early next week, it could reach the Gulf Coast.

“The winds are going to reach up to 110 miles per hour,” he said.

As of Wednesday, Florida was suffering from record-high temperatures and heavy rain in some parts of the state.

The state has also seen a surge in deaths due to tropical illness, and many residents have been forced to evacuate their homes.

The National Weather Service issued an “extreme tropical storm warning” for Florida, the fifth time this year the warning has been issued.

The National Weather Agency also warned that tropical storm warnings are now in effect for parts of South Florida, with the Florida Keys and the Outer Banks being affected by tropical storm conditions.

The region is expected to get up to 15 inches of rain over the next few days.

Bieruts plan is to leave his house and head to his wife’s house in the suburbs.

He will stay there until it gets to the coast and he will head home.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told the Miami Herald.

“I haven’t seen anything in my entire life like this.”

Bidwell Beach resident Kevin Bieruti said he’s not worried about his future after the storm, and that the only thing he’ll worry about is the “temperature.”

Biersuti said if the “storm” does hit Florida, he’s prepared.

He has a hurricane plan, he told ABC News.

He also has a car and he’s going to stay on the road.

“The only thing that worries me is the weather,” he added.

“It’s going be tough to leave.

I’ll probably stay home and stay here.”

Byris said he is keeping a log of all his grocery shopping and he has put on a bucket list of things he wants to do before the storm hits.

He’s planning to eat lunch on his front porch.

“We’ve got a lot of shopping to do,” he explained.

“When the weather hits, we’ll be in our little store.

We’ll be able to do that.”

Bermuda resident David DeGuegues said he has been preparing himself for the potential of the hurricane by taking precautions.

He said he bought a bucket of water, and a hat, and is planning to stay inside until the weather clears up.

“Everything will be safe,” he stated.

“If it does rain, we don’t need to worry about anything.

It will be a rainy day.”

Beverly Hills resident Michael Pachter said he will prepare for the worst by keeping a low profile, avoiding the media, and going with his gut.

“You’ve got to prepare for anything, because the weather is unpredictable,” he observed.

Pachter, a retired real estate agent, said he plans to stay home from his home to help his family, and to take advantage of the weather.

“There’s no way I’m going to leave my house,” he assured.

“And it’s just going to get worse before it gets better.”

Bachter has seen a rise in “superstorm” warnings in recent weeks, with a superstorm warning issued for Miami on Wednesday.

“There’s been some reports that the storm has picked up speed,” he noted.

“But it’s very unlikely that this will turn into a major storm.”

The National Hurricane Center issued a super storm warning for the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, which includes the Gulf coast, the Florida Panhandle, the Keys, and the southern portion of Florida.

It is currently predicting that a hurricane will be moving in to the Florida

How to make a perfect coconut custard recipe

Author: Nicole Van Houten | Editor: Chris Hines | Date: June 21, 2018 11:05:42 Tags old orchards beach,old orchard,santacruz beach article Posted June 21st, 2018 00:47:38 I’m still getting used to coconut custards but I’m loving how easy it is to make them.

I have made a lot of them over the years and they have always been so delicious.

Here’s a step by step guide.1.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.2.

Mix the cream cheese and sugar together until smooth.3.

Set aside to cool.4.

Cut the egg white into thin strips.5.

Beat the egg whites until fluffy.6.

Add the coconut and stir until combined.7.

Add half the cream and mix until combined again.8.

Pour into a custard tin and bake for 15 minutes.9.

Cool completely.10.


This recipe makes about 15 orchids and a big batch of coconut custers.

The custards are made from old orchid beach, orchard beaches, and hallandale beaches.

Coconut custards can be made in any order.

You can add more or less salt, and you can also add other ingredients if you like.

I like to add lemon zest, sugar and fresh herbs like thyme and rosemary.

How to watch ‘Naked Beach’ without getting naked in public

A new video from “Naked Island,” a film about the nude beach on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, has gone viral.

The movie features an 18-year-old girl who falls asleep on the beach in a bikini, and she is rescued by a crew from the island who takes her to a secluded beach to shower.

The film’s director, Jad Narayan, told The Huffington Post that his team spent two weeks filming the beach and the aftermath, and they didn’t take anything off to prevent any sexual tension from developing.

The beach itself was also filmed in a different way.

“The film is very intimate, it’s very intimate and I think that we have to take it in a certain way,” Narayan said.

“I think that it’s more intimate than anything I have ever seen in the movie.”

Narayan and his team also decided to not include a sex scene in the film, and he said they didn`t want to be the only ones who thought of the idea to include a naked beach in the project.

“It’s an idea that we didn`re going to include.

It`s just an idea we felt it was a shame to not have it in the finished film,” he said.

Narayan was inspired to start the film after his friend told him about it.

“There are so many naked beach scenes that are on the internet that are not really good and not always as good as what we do, and that kind of image is very much out there.

So I just thought it would be interesting to tell the story of the beach, because I have been to a lot of nude beaches, but it just seemed so different,” he added.

“When I first saw this nude beach, it just made me want to do more of it, and then I thought, you know, there is no reason why I can’t do more.

There is so much beauty on this island, there are so much beautiful beaches, there just have to be a nude beach.”

Narawan told HuffPost that his project was born out of a desire to see how people react to a beach on the islands, and the footage has so far been viewed over 5 million times on the YouTube channel Naked Island.

“So this is really, really, amazing, because there is a lot to be learned about how people feel, and so it`s a lot more than just an opinion or a personal story,” he told HuffPost.

“We just wanted to find out how people were really feeling and how they reacted to the experience.

It just happened that it was so beautiful, it was such a beautiful thing.

And that`s why I was so excited to do it.”

The film has attracted more than 1 million views on YouTube.

The trailer, which has more than 3 million views, shows the girl, whose name is Lala, swimming naked through the waves on the island, and a beach-goers’ reaction to the nude image.

The video has been viewed more than 20 million times.

“Nude Island” is one of many projects from Narayan that is making waves in the media and in the entertainment industry.

Narawan said that his upcoming film, “Fantastic Flicks,” about the Disney-themed musical film “Frozen,” will also be released in 2018.

He said that he was looking forward to making another film that deals with the sexual issues that have been brought up in recent years, including the sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against Disney executive Bob Iger and the Hollywood elite.

“You know, you can see how much attention this has brought to the issue of sexual harassment, sexual assault and the sexual assault epidemic, and I just think we are really getting more attention than we ever have, and there is so many people who have spoken out about this and the stories that they have heard,” Naravan said.

How a tropical storm will impact Palm Beach County and Newport Beach County

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the National Hurricane Center is expecting to have an active hurricane watch for Palm Beach and Newport Counties by the end of the week.

The forecast is in line with a number of other regional forecasters.

According to the National Weather Service, it is anticipated that a hurricane will move over southern Florida on Thursday night, bringing heavy rain, wind gusts and possibly heavy surf.

The storm could bring up to 2 feet of rain to coastal areas and may bring up more than 2 feet to inland areas.

In a statement issued Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said, “This is not a ‘major’ hurricane, but it will likely be a Category 3 or higher storm with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph or greater and gusts of up to 125 mph.

There is the potential for some coastal flooding.”

The National Hurricane Centre also said, in a release Thursday, that this could be the most intense tropical storm on record in the Atlantic basin, with sustained winds as high as 110 mph.

The hurricane center says this is the strongest Atlantic tropical storm to have made landfall since 1961.

The storm is moving at a slow speed, with maximum winds of 50 mph, according to the latest NHC forecast.

The NHC said the storm will be accompanied by rain and winds of 40 mph or higher that may cause power outages and damaging winds.

The Storm Prediction Center says this could cause power disruptions in parts of the Southeast, with gusts up to 45 mph.

On Thursday, a number for the storm was posted on the National Severe Storms Office website.

It said the maximum sustained wind speed for this storm is 75 mph, and that winds are expected to increase to 100 mph or more over the next two hours.

The NHC says this storm could be very damaging to infrastructure in the state and to the communities where it is centered.

It is expected to bring strong coastal winds, heavy rain and heavy surf to the eastern and western coasts of the state by Friday, according the NHC.

The hurricane is moving east-northeast and is expected “to develop a track into the Atlantic Ocean, with high winds and tropical storm-force winds, possibly with some tropical storm force winds in the Caribbean Sea,” the NSSO said.

“Haven’t I been told I’m not allowed to be a Christian?”

A Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy who had been fired for refusing to issue a Bible to an atheist who wanted to pray at his funeral said he was told that he was not allowed by his superiors to preach on his church property.

Deputy Joe Mancuso said he had been notified by his supervisors that he couldn’t attend a prayer service in Palm Beach Gardens after he said he didn’t want to participate in one.

Mancoson said he thought he was being discriminated against.

He was also fired for violating his religious beliefs and having a Bible at work.

Mancusoson is a deputy sheriff with the Palm Beach county Sheriff’s Office.

He said his bosses had warned him he could not have a Bible in his car.

Mascusoso said his supervisor told him he was violating the county’s religious freedom policy and that he would be punished.

Mascuso was on his way to a funeral when he decided to skip the service.

He later said he did not follow protocol, but that he wasn’t sure he would have been fired if he did.

He said he has been a deputy for nine years and was told he couldn.

Mocusos job involves the ability to enforce county laws and enforce county policy.

He has also been the chief of the Palm Bay County Jail since 2014.

How to get rid of your ugly beach posts

I used to live in Palm Beach County, Florida, where the average beach is about 100 feet wide and has more than 70 miles of coastline.

It’s also one of the most densely populated areas in the United States, where residents tend to have high rates of asthma, high rates, and obesity.

But in 2016, that all changed.

A combination of rising sea levels and increased erosion caused some of the region’s beaches to lose their sand, which makes them even more vulnerable to flooding.

In fact, one of Florida’s largest and most heavily trafficked beaches, the one that I spent most of my summer there, has been completely wiped out.

It was the first time that I had ever seen a beach completely submerged, so I was shocked.

After the storm, I got to talking to a local who said that there were still people living there.

So I did some research.

As it turns out, some of those people had been living on the beach for centuries.

It turns out that there are at least 25 sand beds on the island that had been planted as an ecological experiment that’s been replicated on other beaches across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and elsewhere.

It seems that the islanders had never seen any other sand on the land, and they’ve been using it to create a natural, sustainable, and permanent beach that can serve as a permanent home for many thousands of people for centuries to come.

So it turns into a lot of interesting, interesting things.

As far as the actual process of making sand, there are a lot more steps to the process than just cutting it down.

There are different types of sand, depending on how it’s laid down.

You can lay down gravel, which is basically dirt, and you can lay it down like a sand castle, which has a lot less erosion and is much easier to maintain.

You also need to take out the water and sand.

That’s how you build a sand hill and a sand beach, and then you have to add a few sand balls to the sand.

So that’s the process of creating sand.

You need to lay down a sand base, and in this process, you need to use a lot and lots of different kinds of sand to build your sand castle.

And there are actually sand balls that are made from different kinds and types of materials, like gravel, sand, and clay.

There’s also sand made from crushed limestone.

You then put the stones in the sand, fill it with gravel, and mix it with the sand and mix in the clay.

That mix is then poured into the sand base.

And then you put some water in there to make the beach.

That water is added to the base of the beach, then the sand is poured into it, and it sits there for thousands of years.

The result of all of this is a beach that is actually built on top of an ancient sand hill that has been sitting there for generations.

And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that I’ve been working on a book called The Ocean, a series of articles that I’m trying to do about what we can do to save the ocean.

We have an underwater city on the west coast of Florida, and one of our main goals is to find out what it’s like to live on an ocean.

So we’re working on that project, and we’re hoping to put together a beach restoration plan for the entire state.

So a lot has changed in the last decade, and a lot is still going on in the water.

And as the sea levels continue to rise, there’s going to be more and more beach erosion.

The problem is, the sea level is actually rising, and that’s making the coast less safe.

We need to come up with a plan to protect our beaches.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the issue of the sand hill.

But there’s a lot going on out there in the ocean that is very much connected to the ocean, and what I think we need to do is to build a network of beaches on the ocean and make them sustainable.

The most basic thing you can do is go and dig a beach.

It can be a very simple, very straightforward thing, like digging a beach and planting a sand bank.

But if you want to make a permanent, sustainable beach that people can live on for generations to come, then you need a network.

You have to be able to find people who live on the beaches, and if you can find people on the islands, you have people that can build these sand castles that are permanent and permanent.

You don’t want to see people on these beaches, because that’s when the erosion starts.

The first beach that you build will be the sand beach.

And that’s where the sand comes from.

You dig the sand down into the beach and fill it up with gravel and clay and sand, so that the sand doesn’t come off the beach when you put it

How to stay safe and healthy in the aftermath of Superstorm Florence

Newport Beach is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers in Southern California, and that popularity has meant a lot of damage.

The beach was flooded on Friday night, and there were reports of people in the city’s tourist areas getting hit by flood waters.

It’s been described as one of California’s worst disasters.

People have been told to stay out of the city because of the high water and the possibility of more floods.

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the next storm.


You’ll Need To Bring a Safety Plan: There are several ways you can protect yourself, but one of them is to have a safety plan.

If you have a home, get an evacuation plan, and get a checklist.

You may have to go outside to get the checklist, which may not be easy to get if you’re traveling.

You should also consider staying with a family member or friend who can help.

The checklist will also help you figure out what to do in case you’re stuck.

If your plans aren’t clear, you may need to call the city to find out what plans are available and how to make them work.


You Need to Know Your Weather: The city has an app that can help you see the weather conditions right now and what you can expect.

This is not always the case.

If there is heavy rainfall or flash flooding, you can use the app to see what the weather will look like in your area and what’s happening in other parts of the country.

You can also call the National Weather Service at (714) 923-7000 to check out forecasts and conditions in your specific area.


There Are Other Ways to Protect Yourself: Your first step should be to find a place you can live.

If possible, get a temporary shelter.

You will want to put up a shelter before it’s too late.

If it’s still too late, you will need to find somewhere to stay.

Make sure you have enough food, water, blankets, and other supplies.


If You Are Moving: Make sure to get out of your house by 7 p.m.

Tuesday to ensure you have plenty of time to get somewhere.

If not, call the county emergency management agency to find where you can go and arrange for transport.

There are also options for you to stay with friends and family, but be aware that many people may not have the transportation.

If a group is moving, they can stay with your grandparents or other family members if they are staying at a hotel.


Stay away from water sources and close to a highway: The beach is very close to several major highways.

Make a plan to get away from roads that could be flooded, especially if you plan on driving in a large group.

You need to be aware of the current conditions and make sure that you know where you are in case of an emergency.


Get to a Safety Zone: If you are moving, be sure to stay at a designated location.

It may be a hotel, campground, or a restaurant.

Make the plan ahead of time, and be prepared to use a phone or laptop when necessary.


Don’t Go Outside: If possible and if you are not moving, it may be safer to stay indoors if you have an evacuation kit and other personal items.

Be prepared to stay in a shelter if you don’t have a plan.

Stay at a location that is well-lit, has good air conditioning, and is close to other buildings or streets.

You won’t want to be alone in the dark if you need help.

Make arrangements to call a rescue or a law enforcement agency.


Bring a List of Other Things to Protect: When moving, you should have at least one way to call 911 if you get separated from friends or family.

There may be ways to protect other people as well, such as with a phone, laptop, and personal items such as a flashlight, water bottle, and water bottle opener.


Don�t Forget Your Pets: Your pets should be kept in the home with you.

If necessary, keep them in the same room.

If they are outside, keep your pet inside.

When your pets are outside in public, they should be in a separate room.


Don��t Throw Anything Away: There is a small chance that some items will be lost in the water.

Make backups and keep them until you can find them.

Keep your car keys and other valuables in a safe place.

If needed, bring the items to the nearest police station or a local hospital.


Bring Food, Water, and Shelter: The food you bring to the hotel will have to be safe and kept refrigerated.

If supplies are limited, get food from a nearby restaurant or grocery store.

If available, bring water to your hotel.


Get Outside and Watch for Floods: If the water

Which glass can you drink?

The answer to that question will depend on your background and your personal preferences.

In Australia, you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the garden as well as the fruits of your own garden.

But in China, you won’t be allowed to have any glass, and the glass is strictly prohibited.

In the United States, you’ll only be allowed the glass of water that’s already been boiled and not yet filtered.

If you’re a Westerner and don’t like the look of a glass of milk or a glass filled with soda, it might not be for you.

It may not be as tasty as a cup of tea.

But if you want to drink it, it’s a good choice.

Here are the rules for drinking in the West: The glass is supposed to be made from glass, which means the bowl of water is also made from that glass.

The bowl of milk, for example, should have a clear, clear bowl.

There’s a rule that the glass should be made of glass, but it doesn’t have to be.

So if you like a glass with a white rim, you might be able to drink that.

But you might not want to because that’s considered to be a bad sign.

So don’t drink that glass that way.

So, if you’re going to drink water, make sure you put a clear rim on your glass.

You’ll need a little bit of extra space around the rim.

The rim should be very narrow and have a little edge to it, to make it more comfortable.

And it should have the same color as the glass.

This is very important.

And this is one of the reasons why it’s very important that the rim is clean and clear.

So it’s not just a cup, it should also be clear.

And, if it’s too dark, it won’t look good.

And if you can’t get your glass to be clear, you should also avoid the glassware.

It’s a little like using a magnifying glass.

And so the rim should look like this.

It should have two sides, just like this, but the bottom side should be clear and should be rimless.

It shouldn’t have any gaps in it.

The glass should also have a rim on the top side that should have clear sides and the bottom is rimless, which is a very important thing.

And that rim should have this clear rim and this black rim.

Now, this is a good rule to follow.

And the black rim is a big deal, because it’s one of those things where you might need to put a piece of tape around it.

So the tape should be around it, but you can put the tape around the other side, too.

And there should be two clear side.

If the glass has two sides with gaps in them, it shouldn’t be clear in one direction.

So this is also a good idea.

And then the white side should have black sides, which are clear.

That’s important, because if you have any other parts of your body, it may be too dark for you to drink.

So you may need to wear a mask.

And when you drink the water, it must be poured straight through the rim, which you don’t want.

You can also pour it through the glass with the rim facing away from you, which can make the glass look very dirty.

And again, this should be as clean as possible, too, because you want the glass to look like it’s already boiled.

And water that hasn’t been boiled should be poured directly into the glass bowl, which makes it a bit less messy.

So these are all rules that you should follow.

If, however, you’re in the US and you’re drinking your own water, then it’s important that you follow the same rules as for drinking water from the tap.

The water should be boiled before you pour it into the bowl.

So when you pour the water into the cup, you need to boil the water before you put the lid on it.

And you should use the proper utensils.

The utensil should be one of these that looks like this in the picture above, but they should be white.

It must be completely smooth.

You shouldn’t touch it, or you might break it.

It has to have the proper shape and not have any edges or bumps.

And don’t let it get dirty, either.

If it’s dark in your house, and you want a glass, you’d better not be drinking from the cup.

You don’t have a choice.

So here are some things you should know: When you pour water into your glass, it needs to be poured through a bowl that has a rim and a lid.

So make sure that you don’s have any extra space between the rim and the bowl, because there’s going to be some space in between the bowl and the rim that’s not there.

If there’s not enough space, the water will boil up and you’ll end up with

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